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Best and Worst of 2012: Best Single Overall!!!! (and worst…) January 14, 2013

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And here we are, the best and worst singles overall this year!  Let’s kick things off with the top!


  • Ayaka Hirahara – NOT A LOVE SONG
  • Daichi Miura – Right Now/Voice
  • DiVA – Lost the way
  • Dream Morning Musume – Shining Butterfly
  • Eri Kitamura – Destiny
  • Fairies – Beat Generation/No More Distance
  • faylan – Dead END/Soukyuu no Hikari
  • JASMINE – Best Partner
  • Kavka Shishido – Aisuru Kakugo
  • Kie Kitano – Darl:orz
  • Miliyah Kato – HEART BEAT
  • miwa – Kataomoi
  • Momoiro Clover Z – Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku Dainana Gakushou “Mugen no Ai”
  • Piko – Make My Day!
  • Satsuki – FATE/INSIDE
  • Sayaka Kitahara – Natsu ga Yattekuru
  • Stereopony – stand by me
  • Tohoshinki – ANDROID
  • Up Up Girls (Kari) – Barebare I LOVE YOU
  • Vanilla Beans – Choco Mint Flavor Time

Awwww, just that close to the 10 y’know?


Lots of great singles this year and a lot more impressed as well when compared to last years.  At the 15th spot, Nami Tamaki’s return to music under a new label was a bit risky but she pulled off LADY MIND in such great colors and got me to pay attention to her again.  UVERworld’s 7th Trigger was also a really powerful single from this group.  All three tracks were surprisingly strong and even better since all three tracks made their album in some form.  I knew Kou Shibasaki was capable of impressing me since she usually does that at least once an album era and this year, that single would be Strength.  Especially since the leading track is fun and the B-side is a pretty ballad. Even though she had the best A-side this year in my opinion, Nana Mizuki’s single for Synchrogazer was also pretty good and even the B-side I wasn’t interested in had grown on me this year so it really grew!  Takaramono by Marina Kawano is probably one of the most surprising for me because she still is a new artist and all, but she stepped up to the plate with this single and was very impressed.

10. Leo Ieiri – Shine


I could say all of Leo’s single could’ve made this list, but with Shine, Leo actually had three very strong songs.  The leading track is quite nostalgic, but really showcases her powrful vocals as well as in Hello.  As for Colorful, she definitely went the playful and fun route with it and still stands out strong amongst her current discography.

9. yanaginagi – Laterality


Another surprise to me on this list (well not really) but yanaginagi has had a really solid year in releases so like Leo, any of her three singles could’ve been in this place.  However, I thought Laterality really did the best showcasing Nagi’s vocals and style.  First off the lead song is upbeat and really pushed Nagi to the limit and she pulled it off very well.  Then there’s Shinjitsu no Hane and link which had an experimentive sound and that also worked to her advantage.  What a great single this was for her!

8. Kaya – SALOME


I have to say that, it’s shocking to see me enjoy a Kaya single fully like I did with SALOME (well mostly).  Minus the prologue/epilogue thing,  SALOME was a great way to bring back Kaya’s dark-trance with deep vocals sound that I just LOOOOVE in this single.  Then there’s Babylon which is pretty unique in the way that it sounds like circus music, but also quite mysterious.  Even with the two other songs on there, it still managed to get into the top 10!



I would have never have guessed that MIYAVI would release this electro-rock track as the second of his collaboration era and DAY 1 is so progressive and edgy and relaly true to MIYAVI and the updated take on FUTURISTIC LOVE was not too shappy as well adding more knick-knacks for greater effect!  Then there’s the live versions of songs…nothing could go wrong there…this was definitely strong for MIYAVI and I loved it a lot!

6. Maon Kurosaki – HELL:ium


I have found myself loving Maon as she continued her career and even though she slumped once, she had a lot of great stuff including this single HELL:ium.  If you really love rock songs that mixes a little bit of the anison in, then both Nari Hibita Kodou no Naka de, Boku wa Seijaku wo Kiku and I’m still breathing… are powerful and epic in the terms for Maon.  As for Just believe., she knows also how to work a ballad and this altogether, made my #6 choice!

5. Crystal Kay – Delicious na Kinyoubi/Haru Arashi


When Kuri switched labels, I was curious to see how her music would change and by god was it awesome and I feel like the pinnacle of that is with Delicious na Kinyoubi and Haru Arashi.  Both are upbeat, synth heavy, but fun to listen to.  Luckily it was just those two songs so it was just right with me!

4. Namie Amuro – Go Round/YEAH-OH


Even though this isn’t better than last year’s pick, I feel like Go Round and YEAH-OH were pretty damn good.  I did prefer the latter because it flowed a lot more smoother and left a much bigger mark, but Go Round is pretty good…though I would totally avoid the English versions…talk about redundant!

3. Perfume – Spending all my time


Even though this single did split the fandom quite a bit, I really loved Spending all my time even if it’s essentially a very English-fied sounding track with a whole lot of repeition but that’s where the B-sides kick in.  Point took a more drum n’ bass style and mixes cute with Nakata’s genius for this bright and fluttery track.  Hurly Burly on the hand was more of what we’ve gotten accustomed to, but that’s a good thing and it’s also quite good…awesome single!

2. Nami Tamaki – PARADISE


Yeah it could be my bias talking, but I really loved PARADISE as a whole more so than the other single Nami released this year.  Considering the single is produced by the same two people of “LADY MIND”, I thought it was genius!  That being said, the main track and COLORS exceeded much more than her last single together…I was impressed a lot, and this single brought my crazy fandom back in!

1. KOKIA – New Day, New Life


I’m sure most of you are suprised about this choice, but this single was a bright light in a dark year for KOKIA because all the other singles released this year, were bad and boooooring, but New Day, New Life was like an antithesis of those singles.  It’s bright and sung beautifully by KOKIA who is no stranger to that and then when life ~Seimei no Hibiki~ kicks up, things go in a more frantic and epic sound which I love even MORE than normal and she did that amazingly!  It’s my favorite single of the year for sure!


  • Aimer – Yuki no Furu Machi/Fuyu no Diamond
  • Aki Misato – Ai no Sei de Nemurenai
  • Aki Toyosaki – Shirotsumekusa
  • Annabel – anamnesis
  • chatmonchy – Thermae Roman
  • Dream5 – Kirakira Every day
  • faylan – WHITE justice
  • FLOWER – forget-me-not ~Wasurenagusa~
  • girl next door – all my life
  • JUJU – sign
  • Kaya – Vampire Requiem
  • KOKIA – Memorial days
  • KOTOKO – Restart
  • Miliyah Kato – AIAIAI
  • moumoon – Wild Child
  • Plastic Tree – Shion
  • Sakanaction – Boku to Hana
  • Sakura Gakuin – WONDERFUL JOURNEY
  • SCANDAL – Pin Heel Surfer
  • SDN48 – Makeoshimi Congratulation
  • SID – Nokoriga
  • Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 – Shounen wa Uso wo Tsuke!

At least they’re not on the 10!


I was surprised with the amount of singles I just didn’t like this year…I don’t remember having this much last year 0.o  Starting things off, I chose DOES’ Ima wo Ikiru and Rola’s Memories because they both had lackluster songs and that was it (well Rola scored higher, because that at least had an instrumental).  With Juliet’s Himitsu ~Kimi no Soba ni Iru Tame ni~ It was just a forgettable single because both tracks were reminescent to their previous works.  Minori Chihara’s SELF PRODUCER might have had one good song on it, but the rest of the single (which is three tracks) were total borefests.  Last but not least, SuG’s single for sweeToxic was bad had it not been for their touching up of “LOVE SCREAM PARTY”.  Otherwise…it was quite poor.

10. Anna Tsuchiya – Voyagers


Topping the list at #10, Voyagers by Anna Tsuchiya is a good way to start this list.  I felt like the song was pretty damn weak for a Kamen Rider theme and definitely makes her previous one like like a solid winner (even though that wasn’t all that great either).  What’s worse though was that the single looked like a mess and even looked lazy.  I mean one edition had a live version of IS THIS LOVE?. while the other had an orchestrated version of Switch On! and that had 0 vocals.  Tack on a mega-mix that really didn’t make sense in the long run and you get this single…

9. Fairies – Tweet Dream/Sparkle


Oh Fairies, you really need to continue to do things correctly, not veer off the road and throw an absurd amount of auto-tune into your sound as such is the case of Tweet Dream which is made worse by the fact that it’s repetitive and annoying as well.  Sparkle has the auto-tune going as well and while it’s not as terribad as it’s sister A-side, it was still something that was hard to take in.

8. Maon Kurosaki – reimei


I honestly don’t know why Maon went in the direction she did after the amazing “HELL:ium” single but reimei is such a contrast from exciting to mind-numbingly cheap and bland which shows that she can release something so great, but now shows she could release something poor.  As for Hiyoku -Contrast with you-, she tries to come back, but she ended up flat with a very sluggish ballad despite having such soothing vocals…it was just a boring melody.  Hopefully she doesn’t pull this again!

7. Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – Shiny tale


One of the more depressing releases, Shiny tale at first was at the top of the list.  Luckily, the song that I was missing was found and the rating went up quite a bit.  The lead track and Capsule were rather horrid songs to listen to but without Pirates of Emerald, this single would’ve been the WORST of the year!

6. ikimono-gakari – Kaze ga Fuiteiru


I wasn’t too thrilled with ikimono-gakari’s music this year and it reached a boiling point with they Olympics theme, Kaze ga Fuiteiru.  You think I wouldn’t be too harsh, but this song was too boring and plain and TOO LONG for its own good…it seriously felt like it was dragging the entire time…plus there was no B-side which made the single even more ridiculous to me.

5. supercell – Kokuhaku/Bokura no Ashiato


I love supercell, I really do, but ever since ryo replaced Nagi with Koeda, I just haven’t been feeling the same about him.  I think the lowest point came in the form of this single and it really is mostly Koeda’s voice that turns me off.  Kokuhaku and Bokura no Ashiato had potential to be good, but I couldn’t stand listening to the single much longer because of the lead.  Kare is strangely enough passable, but it didn’t save the single from getting onto this list.

4. KOKIA – Yume Oibito


Yeah a bad KOKIA single huh?  I really don’t know why she released this as a single, but this song is pretty boring with the typical ballad-formula that not even the pretty vocals from KOKIA.  You know what’s worse, they toned it down even FURTHER by giving Yume Oibito a seperate piano version which is even MORE sleep-inducing…Yeah, this was just an extremely boring single lol.

3. AKB48 – Eien Pressure


Janken single is most of the reason why I don’t like Eien Pressure but the rest of the single is just handled badly.  First AKB’s Totteoki Christmas is pretty boring of a Xmas song and the Theater release of Watashitachi no Reason is literally the only good thing on the single.  HOWEVER AKB did something pretty poorly and that was getting the other ___48 groups together and doing a song which brought me to loathe it because I would rather have an AKB single BE just only AKB.

2. Model Girls – ROCK STAR


This is probably the worst debut I’ve heard ever since I started reviewing the site.  ROCK STAR is just about as lazy as the name of the group is.  It’s like taking the worst things that I don’t like in a song and collide it together.  TIGER LILY is even worse if you can imagine that at all.  LET ME LET ME is a little light on the single, but those vocals were pretty terrible to listen to.  Yeah this was quite embarassing to be honest x.x

1. Yui Sakakibara / Yui Ogura – Manatsu no Cielo/Samurai Girl


Worst single of the year though belongs to these two for putting such a ear-cringing single together.  Sakakibara’s Manatsu no Cielo is back to the loathsome high pitch singing I’ve been listening to for a long time while Ogura’s Samurai Girl was even worse with very squeaky vocals and a lame arrangement…together, this sing was just not at all a good experience (or review for that matter).  Still worst single of the year!





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