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miwa – Whistle ~Kimi to Sugoshita Hibi~ January 16, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Whistle ~Kimi to Sugoshita Hibi~
  2. Color*ful
  3. HiKARiE English × original version (Regular only)
  4. Hikari e instrumental synth theme (Regular only)
  5. HiKARiE English × guitar version (Limited Type A only)
  6. Hikari e humming × guitar version (Limited Type A only)
  7. HiKARiE English × piano version (Limited Type B only)
  8. Hikari e humming × piano version (Limited Type B only)
  9. Whistle ~Kimi to Sugoshita Hibi~ (Instrumental)

1. Whistle ~Kimi to Sugoshita Hibi~

Starting the single off, Whistle tones things down after “Hikari e” to a piano ballad.  For some reason, this song just doesn’t do it for me.  I mean miwa’s vocals are sounding a bit tired here and it also shows with the very slow arrangement that kind of just doesn’t go far beyond adding strings.  I was expecting something at the same level as the last couple of singles, but this is kind of a borefest of a song!

2. Color*ful

At least miwa somewhat makes up for the A-side with Color*ful which is a bit more vibrant and sounds like the normal miwa we all know and love.  I do love the fact that she incorporated flute in the song as it brings a sense of Spring and liveliness.  A much better track than “Whistle” and I actually hope it makes it on her next album!

3. HiKARiE English × original version

What really threw me off though is that the rest of the single is split into three versions and each has two different tracks each.  The regular edition is probably the one to maybe get the most since you get the English version of Hikari e.  Not bad and I enjoyed that she resung the track and all, but otherwise the arrangement is the same as the last A-side.  That being said, I still really enjoy it and now I can hear the song in English with this arrangement!

4. Hikari e instrumental synth theme

Yeah the song is essentially an instrumental so that means there’s no miwa present.  So all you have left is synths acting as the main melody (and some other small things that’s thrown around).  This would’ve been nice with lyrics, but it is what it is right?

5. HiKARiE English × guitar version
6. Hikari e humming × guitar version

Then we get into Type A’s tracks and the English version gets the acoustic treatment!  Once again it sounds like she resung it because the version is a lot slower and with acoustic guitar (and some atmospheric sounds) so it demanded a bit more of a calmer pace.  It’s a pleasant track and all, but I prefer the original (or remix).  Though I was expecting a JPN version take, but the humming version is just her ad-libbing the melody of the song THE ENTIRE TIME…so it’s just really unneeded.

7. HiKARiE English × piano version
8. Hikari e humming × piano version

Finally, on Type B, we get piano versions which are the same as the last two tracks, but replacing the acoustic guitar with light piano but miwa sounds exactly the same so it’s not like she did anything different.  Of course the latter track is the same thing as well…yeah…



As the second single of the era, Whistle was pretty disappointing after how well received “Hikari e” was for me.  I felt like the leading track was just super boring and her vocals were kind of off as well.  Color*ful is the preferred track with it’s breezy and happy sound that woke me up.  Though my biggest concern was ALL THOSE VERSIONS of Hikari e on this single…5/6 of them were so unnecessary and stupid of her label to pull off…really the only one you should even get is HiKARiE’s original version since it made sense unlike the others…what a messy single  T.T


Eri Kitamura – Miracle Gliders

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Track Listing

  1. Miracle Gliders
  2. Over ~Yozora no Yakusoku~
  3. Miracle Gliders -off vocal ver.-
  4. Over ~Yozora no Yakusoku~ -off vocal ver.-

1. Miracle Gliders

I know that Eri is an anison singer and all and honestly, after “Destiny” I wasn’t surprised she followed it up with Miracle Gliders which is less rock and a bit more of a lighthearted experience.  There are guitars present but they do take a backseat to all that glitzy synthage that’s going on!  It’s not a bad track though and I can see myself enjoying this after some more listens, but it’s definitely not at the level of her last single.

2. Over ~Yozora no Yakusoku~

The B-side though starts off slow with this kind of darker and dragging in the mud feel which is rather unique right?  As a tame rock ballad, Over is OK, nothing really to make it memorable as I feel Eri doesn’t seem to be making her voice powerful as the arrangement seems to call for it.  It’s just a safe song and I’m not exactly a fan of it.



I was so pumped up with “Destiny” and coming into Miracle Gliders, I was was pretty disappointed with the single.  I mean OK, Miracle Gliders is a pretty nice anison track, but Over was just too uneventful for me and seemed to kind of fade in the background.  Hope she comes back with a stronger single with a bit more effort!