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Eri Kitamura – Miracle Gliders January 16, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Miracle Gliders
  2. Over ~Yozora no Yakusoku~
  3. Miracle Gliders -off vocal ver.-
  4. Over ~Yozora no Yakusoku~ -off vocal ver.-

1. Miracle Gliders

I know that Eri is an anison singer and all and honestly, after “Destiny” I wasn’t surprised she followed it up with Miracle Gliders which is less rock and a bit more of a lighthearted experience.  There are guitars present but they do take a backseat to all that glitzy synthage that’s going on!  It’s not a bad track though and I can see myself enjoying this after some more listens, but it’s definitely not at the level of her last single.

2. Over ~Yozora no Yakusoku~

The B-side though starts off slow with this kind of darker and dragging in the mud feel which is rather unique right?  As a tame rock ballad, Over is OK, nothing really to make it memorable as I feel Eri doesn’t seem to be making her voice powerful as the arrangement seems to call for it.  It’s just a safe song and I’m not exactly a fan of it.



I was so pumped up with “Destiny” and coming into Miracle Gliders, I was was pretty disappointed with the single.  I mean OK, Miracle Gliders is a pretty nice anison track, but Over was just too uneventful for me and seemed to kind of fade in the background.  Hope she comes back with a stronger single with a bit more effort!


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