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BREAKERZ – RUSTY HEARTS January 19, 2013

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Track Listing

  3. Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru ~Acoustic Version~


I don’t know what it is, but I’m loving BREAKERZ’ recent dwellings with the more epic and dark tracks like “LAST†PRAY” and now we’ve got RUSTY HEARTS which while isn’t as dark, it still is a pretty powerful and great song to listen to.  I’m still unsure which of the two is better, but I think this is scoring high on me right now!


Getting into the main B-side, CHALLENGERZ is a bit more of going back to what BREAKERZ does best and it’s just rockin’ out with no real style but just hitting hard and having a good ole time.  I really like the riffs during the verses and how it opens up in the chorus and same can be said about DAIGO who sounds so good in the song!!!  Very cool track and surprised it was only a B-side!

3. Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru ~Acoustic Version~

I guess this is cemented as the normal thing now huh?  Well, BREAKERZ of course did a new acoustic take and this time, Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru” from “Ao no Mirai” gets the treatment.  Like the others, it’s pleasant and this actually sounds like something I would hear on a beach or something.  It’s just that relaxing to listen to.  Not bad here either.



It hasn’t felt that it’s been that long since they’ve released their best album and now they came back with RUSTY HEARTS and while I’m not sure if it’s the first of the era or not, it’s still a pretty great single from them.  RUSTY HEARTS might sound a little like “LAST†PRAY” a little bit, but that’s not such a bad thing because I love both of them.  CHALLENGERZ is straightforward, but did very well for themselves and even the acoustic version of Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru was really sweet and a pleasant listen.  *RECOMMENDED*


MYNAME – What’s Up

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Track Listing

  1. What’s Up
  2. Hello&Goodbye (Japanese ver.)
  3. Adrenaline (CD+DVD A only)
  4. Read Between The Lines (CD+DVD B only)
  5. What’s Up <<off vocal ver.>>
  6. Hello&Goodbye (Japanese ver.) <<off vocal ver.>>
  7. Adrenaline <<off vocal ver.>>
  8. Read Between The Lines <<off vocal ver.>>
  9. Everlastin’ Luv (Acoustic ver.) (CD Only Chara-Ani Limited Edition)

1. What’s Up

I was really wondering what MYNAME could put since like I’ve said before, they really have a limited discography at the moment, but with What’s Up (their first original JPN A-side), they are showing that they can keep up with the current trend.  It’s still mostly Insoo and Gunwoo, but everyone has some time to sing and boy do they have smooth vocals!  As for the song, it’s not as edgy as “Message” but the entire thing actually kind of sounds like the chorus of said song.  That bright, yet happy kind of tone.  Not bad for their 2nd A-side!

2. Hello&Goodbye (Japanese ver.)

So I guess they promoted the next track as well which of course isn’t surprising that’s another language crossover.  Hello&Goodbye is quite a good choice because well it’s different since the song is more R&B heavy.  I kind of really liked this tone for the group actually and once again got Insoo and Gunwoo to really show off their vocal prowess.  It’s a really nice track and that PV was really cool too albeit done so many times before..lol.

3. Adrenaline

I was surprised to here a female voice open up Adrenaline, but if you wanted MYNAME to get back into that K-pop energy, Adrenaline is definitely there to fill that space because I have to say that it’s really the single’s star on the single.  It’s energetic, very catchy and the hooks are spot on.  I mean to some it might get a bit repetitive and one-paged…but this is still a cool song IMO.

4. Read Between The Lines

I guess for such a snarky line, I would’ve expected anything else other than a ballad, but that’s what we ended up with.  At least we get to hear the other members quite nicely but damn I really am in love with Gunwoo’s voice because he sounds AMAZING in this song (so does Insoo, but I like the former better).  This actually isn’t half bad and I love the explosion for the chorus with everyone singing together…beautifuls!



*will review the acoustic track whenever it pops up* As the group’s second and final single before their debut album, “WE ARE MYNAME” is released.  What’s Up is actually a really great single for them.  Even though I liked “Message” as a song more than the leading track, it’s still pretty awesome!  HOWEVER, the single really shined with the B-sides.  I mean Hello&Goodbye is already good in Korea but in Japan it’s a lot better than I realized.  Adrenaline is a great dance track and Read Between The Lines is a powerful ballad…oh yeah I am excited for their album now!!!


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee/Otona wa Wakatte Kurenai

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Track Listing

  1. Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee
  2. Otona wa Wakatte Kurenai
  3. Hobo Brazil (Brazil edition only)
  4. Stardust Light (Rock Lee edition only)
  5. Shin•Seishun Sonomono (Subculture edition only)
  6. Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee (Less Vocal)
  7. Otona wa Wakatte Kurenai (Less Vocal)
  8. Hobo Brazil (Less Vocal)
  9. Stardust Light (Less Vocal)
  10. Shin•Seishun Sonomono (Less Vocal)

1. Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee

I’ve reviewed themes for NARUTO, but I have not come across a song that IS tied to the series and is about Rock Lee (who’s not even a main character as more as side main).  Listening to this though fits Rock so well because it’s feisty, quick, and fun to listen to.  I actually found myself enjoying every minute of this and definitely is leagues better than “Karikeiyaku no Cinderella” by a long shot.

2. Otona wa Wakatte Kurenai

As it’s the group’s first double A-side, I was curious how this track would do.  I love how sung first in the song because she had a rockin’ tone and would’ve been amazing if she lead the entire time.  It is nice, but some of the melodies between the girls hurt my ears a lot (especially the end of the choruses).  Definitely their worst A-side after becoming major for sure.

3. Hobo Brazil

What a funky song this one is!  Hobo Brazil kind of revs away from the atypical idol sound for something a bit more groovy and synthy.  I kind of like the nature of the song a lot and despite the song having some of the group’s worst singers at the forefront, I can’t help but enjoy it nonetheless.  Not bad!

4. Stardust Light

If there was one song that kind of follows the current trends of idol pop, Stardust Light might be Ebichu’s representation because this is kind of a dance track, but still set in the standards of the idol world.  For being a synth-pop track it’s got a pretty catchy arrangement…but the vocals while all together for the most part, sounds a little lifeless.  I’m on the fence, but it’s not a bad song in anyway.

5. Shin•Seishun Sonomono

Fanfares for the next song?  Shin•Seishun Sonomono kind of gives me that nostalgic 70’s pop which might be something they were going for, but it also seems familiar to me for some other reason.  I guess it’s nice for what it is, but after the other tracks, this is kind of on the weaker side of things.



As the second single of the group’s major debut, I have to say that this actually did better than “Karikeiyaku no Cinderella” in the way that both Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee and Hobo Brazil were pretty fun songs to listen to as well as Stardust Light (even if the vocals were a little boring).  Shin•Seishin Sonomono is alright for those nostalgic feels, but beyond that it’s kind of forgettable.  Last, but not least, Otona wa Wakatte Kurenai is probably the worst offender with some pretty harsh melodies in it…still a nice step up after the last single!


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Ume

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Track Listing

  1. Ume
  2. Ganbatteru Tochuu
  3. Odoru Gariben Chuugakusei (Regular only)
  4. Pakuchi (Limited A only)
  5. Daisuki da yo (Limited B only)
  6. Ume (Less Vocal)
  7. Ganbatteru Tochuu (Less Vocal)
  8. Odoru Gariben Chuugakusei (Less Vocal)
  9. Pakuchi (Less Vocal)
  10. Daisuki da yo (Less Vocal)

1. Ume

After the excitement of their last single, Ebichu returns with Ume and I’m kind of surprised that they slightly toned things down for this.  It’s still quick-paced for the group but they also tackled the cute genre quite nicely.  It still has a lot of randomness to be found which shows they’re consistent.  It’s a bit safe, but I still enjoyed this more than “Karikeiyaku no Cinderella” and a bit less than “Go! Go! Here We Go! Rock Lee”. 

2. Ganbatteru Tochuu

The B-side found on all editions, Ganbatteru Tochuu sounds kind of like the normal idol-sound to me because it’s that whole sentimental mid-tempo track.  I’m starting to notice certain voices in the group and there’s some pretty good ones, but there’s some pretty bad ones as well as heard through the song.  I don’t know…I feel as if this was just generally tacked onto the single because it needed to be there.  It just wasn’t up to snuff.

3. Odoru Gariben Chuugakusei

I’m curious to why this single so far has been nothing but the group kind of playing it safe x.x  On the regular edition, we get Odoru Gariben Chuugakusei and even though this is a lot more cuter than the previous tracks, the distance between the good vocalists and the squeaky young’n’s are pretty wide and creates a riff of where I love the deeper vocals by a BIG shot.  I do like the synths solo but I have to get to it after such high and sharp vocals from the poor singers…ugh…not my kind of song!

4. Pakuchi

I hope I’m not the only that thought of Pikachu at first (since you can move the vowels around to spell it!).  This song has a bit more flash going for it because the arrangement is a bit quicker and the members are really trying to rap and throw something new and I have to say that I love the randomness out of this.  It reminds me of “Hobo Brazil” off their last single because the younger members play a bigger role.  Plus the ~pakuchi~ hook is ridiculously cool.  Love it and is probably my favorite from the single!

5. Daisuki da yo

I kind of figured the last song would’ve been a rather softer track.  What I wasn’t expecting though was the song to be one of their simplest tracks yet since it kind of has the basic acoustic guitar/piano/drums arrangement for it.  Kind of basic so it’s not very impressive to me, nor the voices chosen for the song were good (sans a couple)…still kind of plain.



Wow, after the fun and enjoyable time I had with their last single, Ume comes as a crashing wall for me.  I felt that 4/5 tracks on this single were playing it too safely and with that they became a bit plain and kind of boring in areas.  The only song I can remember clearly was Pakuchi since it had that Ebichu randomness and was surprisingly catchy AND well made…sadly, it wasn’t enough to make the single work for me.