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BREAKERZ – RUSTY HEARTS January 19, 2013

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Track Listing

  3. Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru ~Acoustic Version~


I don’t know what it is, but I’m loving BREAKERZ’ recent dwellings with the more epic and dark tracks like “LAST†PRAY” and now we’ve got RUSTY HEARTS which while isn’t as dark, it still is a pretty powerful and great song to listen to.  I’m still unsure which of the two is better, but I think this is scoring high on me right now!


Getting into the main B-side, CHALLENGERZ is a bit more of going back to what BREAKERZ does best and it’s just rockin’ out with no real style but just hitting hard and having a good ole time.  I really like the riffs during the verses and how it opens up in the chorus and same can be said about DAIGO who sounds so good in the song!!!  Very cool track and surprised it was only a B-side!

3. Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru ~Acoustic Version~

I guess this is cemented as the normal thing now huh?  Well, BREAKERZ of course did a new acoustic take and this time, Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru” from “Ao no Mirai” gets the treatment.  Like the others, it’s pleasant and this actually sounds like something I would hear on a beach or something.  It’s just that relaxing to listen to.  Not bad here either.



It hasn’t felt that it’s been that long since they’ve released their best album and now they came back with RUSTY HEARTS and while I’m not sure if it’s the first of the era or not, it’s still a pretty great single from them.  RUSTY HEARTS might sound a little like “LAST†PRAY” a little bit, but that’s not such a bad thing because I love both of them.  CHALLENGERZ is straightforward, but did very well for themselves and even the acoustic version of Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru was really sweet and a pleasant listen.  *RECOMMENDED*


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