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faylan – God FATE January 23, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. God FATE
  2. Koi Muyou
  3. God FATE (Off Vocal)
  4. Koi Muyou (Off Vocal)

1. God FATE

After having such amazing songs in this era, God FATE comes in and joins the cast of those songs.  Like the previous A-sides, it’s a heavier rock track and has a lot of great riffs and faylan herself sounds amazing still!  I don’t think it surpasses “Realization” or “Soukyuu no Hikari”, but this is a pretty good track overall.

2. Koi Muyou

When I first listened to the B-side, I felt like the song wanted to be Halloween-ish, but it’s kind of a switch-around.  It’s very anime-ish by having a anime/rock/dance style which she hasn’t done in quite a while so it’s nice to see.  I’m enjoying the small flute moments and its fast pace kept me intrigued.  I will be honest though and say that faylan’s vocal performance isn’t the best, but she sung loud and thats good for me.  Energetic B-side for sure!



While I’m uncertain that she’s going to include God FATE on her upcoming album, “PRISM”, this single is one of the better ones she’s released.  The lead track kept up faylan’s recent dabblings in the rock side of anison songs and it’s one of the better ones out there.  Koi Muyou though took her out of ballad land and gave us a dance/rock track which is surprising but it was slightly good, but I wished faylan gave us a little more life in the track…still overall one of the better singles!


One Response to “faylan – God FATE”

  1. corygaskins Says:

    That’s a really cool CD cover. Will def. check this song out!

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