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Sayaka Sasaki – Break your world January 23, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Break your world
  2. Super Shiny Sensation!!!
  3. Break your world (Instrumental)
  4. Super Shiny Sensation!!! (Instrumental)

1. Break your world

Kicking off the year, Break your world rushes in and really impresses me with some powerful vocals from Sayaka that we haven’t heard in a while.  It is a pretty typical anime intro which doesn’t surprise me one bit, but it’s one of the stronger ones I’ve heard from Sayaka since she debuted.  Yeah, I was actually impressed with this track!

2. Super Shiny Sensation!!!

Then the B-side comes in with it’s shockingly cute title and then listening to the song, I wasn’t expecting such an energetic arrangement and Sayaka is being cute without overdoing it.  It’s pretty loud and has a certain idol-like tone to it, but this is actually catchy and one of the fun songs in her discography!  I really liked this as well!



I really wasn’t expecting a lot from Sayaka after the last couple of singles, but she’s redeemed herself with Break your world which is bringing her back to her deeper vocals and heavier arrangements while Super Shiny Sensation!!! gives her a bit more openness with her energy and that ended up great!  This is her best single yet!


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