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AAA – Miss You/Hohoemi no Saku Basho January 25, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Miss You
  2. Hohoemi no Saku Basho
  3. AAA 2012 SINGLE MEGA MIX (CD only bonus track)
  4. Miss You (Instrumental)
  5. Hohoemi no Saku Basho (Instrumental)

1. Miss You

I wish I could be a little more happy with Miss You, but good lord this was surprisingly boring to my ears.  Even though this is their winter song (strange in January…), it’s definitely under R&B which is something they haven’t done before but this was incredibly plain to listen to!  I mean there’s qutie a bit of Nissy and Urata in the song but none of the girls (unless they are doing melodies).  I just wasn’t a fan of it and Urata’s high notes are quite icky as well. 

2. Hohoemi no Saku Basho

I thought it was Shuta that opened the song up but I think it’s Nissy.  I’m a little bummed to know that the song is slower than “Miss You” because I really couldn’t get myself in this one (a constant problem with AAA’s ballads) except “Aitai Riyuu”.  Add in a nasal rap from Hidaka and it’s just your plain ole AAA ballad which is not good!


  • 777 ~We can sing a song!~
  • Still Love You
  • Niji

Another megamix AAA? Too many of these things roaming around!  At least it’s on one version of the single.  As a 10 minute mix, this actually had a little more effort (when compared to the other megamixes they’ve released in two years.  I mean it’s still mostly their significant arrangement but since there’s only four tracks, they each had a lengthier time for a verse and chorus.  777 ~We can sing a song!~ is still trying to stick to me and it’s slowly working haha.  I love the transitioning into SAILING for sure which is a great thing to hear for a megamix.  SAILING sounds a bit more upbeat though and I kind of liked it more.  Then comes Still Love You which still is an amazing song, plus it’s awesome they actually worked in the verse since it’s like the quietest part of the damn song XD.  Finally we’re led into Niji and I’m still kind of on the fence because it still does sound kind of cheap to me.  It does sound slightly better here, but I have no idea why.  Overall it’s a cool megamix with some good tracks.  Honestly though, can we stop with the megamixes though?



Ugh, can we just call it a day here…this is probably AAA’s worst single in a LOOOOONG time.  Miss You is such a borefest and kind of bland and almost painful to listen to Urata in here.  Hohoemi no Saku Basho follows the trail after such failures like “STEP” and “FIELD”…it’s boring as a ballad!  Which leaves us with the only quote-on-quote good song and that was merely a megamix…lord this is yikes!


3 Responses to “AAA – Miss You/Hohoemi no Saku Basho”

  1. jackthorn Says:

    I kind of disagree with you.
    I think Miss you is quite powerful as the group sing in harmony. It is a new attemp from the with new genre.
    As for Hohoemi no Saku Basho, it suit the wintery feel and they kind of changed the arangement of singing. However, it is a little bland but i can accept it after a few times.

  2. MiZPYRO Says:

    Why can’t they just do stuff like they used to damnit!!!!!

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