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Morning Musume – Help me!! January 25, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Help me!!
  2. Daisuki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusanai (Regular A only)
  3. Happy Daisakusen (Limited A, B, C, and Regular B only)
  4. Aishuu Romantic (Limited D only)
  5. Watashi no Dekkai Hana (Limited E only)
  6. Nani wa Tomo Are! (Limited F only)
  7. Help me!! (Instrumental)

1. Help me!!

So we kick things off with the A-side and just like the last three singles, we return to robo-musume land with Help me!! (which isn’t a call out to “Resonant Blue” mind you!).  I have to say, Tsunku seemed to have found his niche for the time being because with each electro track he pulls out, they get better and better.  This song is also significant because it’s the first time we hear Sakura Oda and she actually kind of got the Aika treatment for her debut (has two lengthy parts to herself and she sounds great!).  Though it seems like this song sounds like three/four seperate ideas clashing because the verses, Sakura’s solos and Reina/Riho slow parts, the bridge, and the chorus don’t really seem to connect very much, but the song is still pretty damn sweet otherwise.  Great way to kick the year off for Momusu!

2. Daisuki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusanai

I had to review this because it’s Reg A only and that comes first for me.  This song is a duet between Riho and Sakura and they were given a pretty cool track (even though it’s less busy than “Help me!!”.  As I listen to the song, it’s quite obviously that this pairing wasn’t as thought out as good as like Peaberry or W or even Sayu/Mizupon.  Their vocals do give a really interesting melodic tone, but Riho is kind of overpowering Sakura but that’s to be expected (maybe?).  Though they both sound great in the song and even though the song could have a little more going on…it’s not bad…but eh XD

3. Happy Daisakusen

The actual B-side that features all the members, Happy Daisakusen is a major improvement over their last full B-side, “Love Innovation” by a long shot!  It’s a bit cute and they have a similar tone as their older B-sides which is a nice return to the past.  I also find myself liking the line distribution because once again they go by longevity so it’s Rokkies>Kyuukies>Jyuukies>Sakura (then vice-versa for the second verse).  It’s such an uplifting tune and a breeze to listen to!

4. Aishuu Romantic

Moving onto the rest of the split groups of the single, Aishuu Romantic brings the return of Mizuki and Sayu together again and just like their last track, “Suki da na Kimi ga”, it’s more of Sayumi because I hear her more than Mizuki once again, but they do make a great pair because their cute sound is a little more techno-pop and nothing’s wrong with Sayu being robotic again.  Even though it doesn’t hold a candle to their first song together, but this is pretty solid!

5. Watashi no Dekkai Hana

Our next pairing is oddly chosen Reina, Haruna, and Ayumi for Watashi no Dekkai Hana!  I was pleasantly surprised with this selection because we get a little more going on with two of the more quieter members.  Haruna still can’t really sing well and it clashes with poor Reina who sounds pretty damn good!  What surprised me the most is Ayumi is actually doing the rapping in the song and I’m so happy they found a new rapper because I was curious after Gaki and Aika graduated that they needed to find something like them.  (Plus it gives a chance for Captain and Ayumin to do something together?).  Like the Riho/Sakura track, it needed a bit more life but this is good overall.

6. Nani wa Tomo Are!

The remaining members: Kanon, Erina, Masaki, and Haruka get the last track.  I feel like this group of four is kind of strange grouping because Erina/Masaki are high pitched girls while Kanon and Haruka has the deeper vocals of the spectrum.  Suffice to say, the song is kind of OK…but they could’ve been handed something a little less cheap sounding.  I still think Kanon and Haruka did the best but the other two actually kept up xD.  Mehhh, it’ll have to grow on me lol.



So was Sakura’s debut single good?  I have to say that this was a step up after “Wakuteka Take a chance” because the B-sides are all-around stronger and plus I didn’t get grossed out by any of the member (looking at you Riho).  Help me!! is badass enough as it is so it’s obvious it was going to be the best track off the single.  Of the B-sides, I liked Happy Daisakusen and Aishuu Romantic the most followed by Daisuki Dakara and Watashi no Dekkai Hana with Nani wa Tomo Are! at the back of the pack.  As it’s the second single of the current era and the next single is Reina’s last…I’m curious to what Tsunku has in store for the girls!


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