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Yui Sakakibara (PHANTASM) – Hagane no Yoroi Matou, Sanbyaku no Daishisai February 2, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Hagane no Yoroi Matou, Sanbyaku no Daishisai
  2. Gunjou Valencia
  3. Hagane no Yoroi Matou, Sanbyaku no Daishisai (off Vocal)
  4. Gunjou Valencia (off Vocal)

1. Hagane no Yoroi Matou, Sanbyaku no Daishisai

What a pretty cool opening we have for the A-side here with all that piano and then leading to this very heavy and energetic rock track!  I thought it was going to last through the song but it calms itself down once Yui enters the song who sounds pretty damn good in the track.  I don’t think it’s as memorable as something like “Preghiera no Tsukiyo ni”, but this is eventful and flows so fiercely.  It just rocked my socks off!

2. Gunjou Valencia

The B-side of the single is once again a ballad from Yui and once again I’m slightly tricked to think the song was going to be a gothic-y ballad as with that intro, but the track kind of seems to go in a different direction.  It still is a darker ballad, but not as creepy as I thought it would be  I felt that Yui actually performed this a lot smoother than in the leading track which is pretty good!  Even the guitar solo wasa nice touch lol.

So another PHANTASM era from Yui?  I approve of that lol.  Hagane no Yoroi Matou… is a pretty solid single for the most part.  Nothing really bad about the single, but neither songs reach the level of previous PHANTASM songs.  So I can only hope things get better as she continues on!