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Mai Kuraki – TRY AGAIN February 6, 2013

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Track Listing

  2. Sakura Sakura…
  3. TRY AGAIN -Instrumental-
  4. Sakura Sakura… -Instrumental-


This is a bit strange coming into, but it has been a while since I’ve heard something that had a lot of oomph to it like Mai’s TRY AGAIN.  Unlike her past Meitantei Conan themes, this has a lot of synths and Mai-K under autotune!  Since it is one of those odd times that Mai does an upbeat song, it was more than welcomed as it was catchy and Mai deep vocals suited the arrangement!  I was pleasantly surprised by this song.

2. Sakura Sakura…

I’m a bit surprised that Sakura Sakura… wasn’t the chosen A-side considering it’s almost that time of year in Japan.  Add in that it’s a ballad and it’s even more surprising.  I love Mai’s voice in this track as it’s so light and fluffy and she added a lot of emotion here.  Great ballad

After that rather disappointing single prior to this, TRY AGAIN definitely lifted my spirits up for sure.  TRY AGAIN was a great surprise because of not how it’s breaking the line of ballads, but how good it really is!  Sakura Sakura… is for the ballad fans and I actually found myself liking it and it’s just a B-side *gasp*.  Yeah this was a really good single *RECOMMENDS*


3 Responses to “Mai Kuraki – TRY AGAIN”

  1. Vivian Says:

    I’ve never been a fan on the Mai Kuraki bandwagon, unfortunately…probably because the first song by her that I tried listening to just struck me as the Nishino-Kana-copy-act type and I was immediately turned off.

    Anyway, this sounds more like promising stuff, so thanks for recommending it and sharing your review!

    • mace63 Says:

      Perhaps the first song you heard by Mai was one of the newer ones composed by Giorgio Cancemi who also composes stuff for Nishino. However his compositions appear only in her latest album, so I encourage you to listen to her older songs, too.

  2. mace63 Says:

    I agree with your review! Great single.

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