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Tommy february6 – Be My Valentine February 6, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Be My Valentine
  2. Ai no♥Ai no Hoshi

1. Be My Valentine

OMG, it’s been so damn long since February last released an A-side and it seems like Tomoko and her producer have not lost the charm they had back in the days of her first album’s days.  Even though this is a holiday-specific song about Valentine’s, it’s still really impressive and I’m so happy to hear something reminiscent of the past and Tomoko sounds GREAT in the song!  She’s back everyone!

2. Ai no♥Ai no Hoshi

Like with many of the other Tommy feb singles, there’s a cover on here!  This time from her own band, the brilliant green!  From what I’ve though the song didn’t really go through much as in the vocals did not change from the original, just the arrangement.  That being said, this actually is kind of cool in a way.  Vocally I couldn’t tell from the current and the now Tomoko so this felt perfect.  This actually was a pretty cool cover overall!

How long has it been since her last single, 6 years?  Yeah it’s been that long people and with Be My Valentine, she hasn’t lost any footing in the way her music sounds (OK, there was “FEBRUARY” and the 2-ish minute track from “HALLOWEEN ADDICTION” and the song from her best album, but we got something that was just only hers lol.  I really liked the A-side as it brings those old memories of her first album back to light where as Ai no♥Ai no Hoshi stands as a pretty worthy cover, if a tad lazy that it wasn’t resung.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store now!


One Response to “Tommy february6 – Be My Valentine”

  1. kokoro Says:

    Vocals in ai no hoshi are different from orihinal.

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