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Pokemon X & Y, Enter the 6th Generation! February 7, 2013

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Yep you know it’s that time again to talk about Pokémon which is seriously one of my favorite Nintendo series of all time.  I know this post is a tad late but with me having a new laptop and moving things it took some time away from me getting to this awesomeness!  So we shall talk about what we know about X/Y so far!

Above this is the reveal trailer for both games, which is shown off first from Satoru Iwata during a Nintendo Direct video.  It was surprising to see this announcement, but made sense since it’s been a while since Black/White but kind of shortly after Black2/White2.  So the video shows a lot of different things like:

  • It’s for the 3DS which is good news!
  • The camera for the overworld has been lowered quite a bit so the game feels a lot more dynamic (kind of like various places in Black/White).
  • Skating is a new way of travel
  • Before battles, you can see what you find in the grass (I assume that means we can choose if we want to battle or not here than in battle?)
  • Battles themselves aren’t fully back to front view…the camera moves around the field, giving a more broader view than a first person view).
  • Gyms look like they’ve gotten a bit more tougher on puzzles lol
  • There were 13 old Pokémon shown in the trailer: Pikachu, Golurk, Mienfoo, Munchlax, Weavile, Audino, Kirlia, Dratini, Litwick, Psyduck. Pansear, Patrat, and Magikarp (whether those are choices that were finalized remains to be seen).
  • The art style has definitely changed to be a little more anime-ish…(a little cel-shaded, but not as heavy as like WindWaker was).
  • The game will internationally release in October…first time where Japan doesn’t get the game first!

The uncertain facts

  • The new land in question doesn’t have a name, but it looks like it’s based off of Europe (more specifically France) because of the Eiffel Tower look-alike and the buildings themselves have a certain European look to em,
  • From the footage of the character looking in the mirror, there might be some form of character customization this time around ^_^
  • With the title X/Y this game might have the thought of genetic engineering behind it (which means bringing it back full circle to the R/B/Y days!).  Though how the possibility of a third game fit it making it a bit strange.
  • Over 700 Pokémon…hmmm no final number yet

The New Pokémon!

Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie




Here are your 6th Generation starters!  I’m quite happy with this group…well most of it.  Chespin is great because it isn’t a reptilian of sorts…(no offense, but I kind of wanted something that isn’t that and it’s a mammal!  Fennekin I hope will break the monotony of the Fire/Fighting bullcrap that GF was pulling the last three generations and Froakie…he’s OK but I don’t think I’ll be interested (unless he has some badass evolutions).  As of right now though, I’m choosing Fennekin as my starter.

Yveltal and Xerneas



The other two Pokémon that were shown are Yveltal and Xerneas and they are the game’s legendaries (so far).  I have to say I’m loving Yveltal because it looks evil and it’s Y-shape is kind of cool in a way.  Plus it just looks good.  Xerneas on the other hand looks really weird.  The antlers are pretty cool and makes me think gay pride, but the rest of it just seems lazy.  It’s like Gamefreak too Arceus and Dialga made them have sex together with a Stantler thrown in and we ended up with this mess…yeah…kind of blaaah if you ask me.


That’s all the information I really know at this point, I will update whenever big news pops up or wait until there is enough stuff to talk about with things like Coro-Coro and Pokémon Smash.