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Shoko Nakagawa – UCHI-SHIGOTO, SOTO-SHIGOTO!! February 9, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Rolling star
  2. Amayadori feat. Shoko Nakagawa / DECO*27
  3. RAINBOW -Namida no Ato de- starring Shoko Nakagawa / RAM RIDER
  4. Pegasus Gensou ver.Ω / MAKE-UP feat. Shoko Nakagawa
  5. Hitori no Kimi ga Umareta to sa
  6. Arukou
  7. Pegasus Gensou ver.Ω TV-EDIT
  8. Hitori no Kimi ga Umareta to sa TV-EDIT
  9. Arukou TV-EDIT

1. Rolling star

Starting up this mini-album is are a couple of songs that her fans have seen before but aren’t a part of her discography.  The only one I notice is this track which is actually a cover of YUI’s most well-known hit and was featured on her tribute album, “SHE LOVES YOU”.  Shokotan’s take is actually quite faithful to the original and strangely enough better than YUI’s just because Shoko has such good vocals here!  I think it’s great that she included this song and let it be the first track!

2. Amayadori feat. Shoko Nakagawa / DECO*27

The next three tracks are ones that I am not certain where they came from, but know they are found somewhere.  Though I will say that DECO*27 is a known name in the VOCALOID fandom.  Hearing that Shokotan got this chance is pretty good because she sounds quite good.  However, coming after “Rolling star” makes this a bit disappointing as the track is just kind of finding itself remaining plain most of the time.  Not too impressed with this one.

3. RAINBOW -Namida no Ato de- starring Shoko Nakagawa / RAM RIDER

When I saw RAM RIDER’s name involved, I knew this track was definitely going to go down electronic lane.  Though I kind of thought the song was going to be a little edgier, but what we ended up was true to RAM RIDER’s sound and it’s that funky electro.  It’s a bright and sparkly tune for Shoko and once again her voice is fitting!  I liked it quite a bit for being more of that cutesy sound!

4. Pegasus Gensou ver.Ω / MAKE-UP feat. Shoko Nakagawa

I will admit, I’ve seen this because it was a character single for Shokotan.  I wasn’t sure what we were coming to with Pegasus Gensou, but I felt like it was a pretty awesome anison track!  At first it started slow and then it started to become this mid-tempo but edgy rock track and MAKE-UP is the actual artist so I hear a lot more of their lead singer, but Shoko is there quite a lot as well and both of them compliment each other very well!  Not bad of a song, but I still prefer “Rolling star” as the GOOD rock track.

5. Hitori no Kimi ga Umareta to sa

The final tracks on the mini-album are brand new Shokotan songs and at one point were supposed to be her new single but considering what happened that didn’t happen.  The first track, Hitori no Kimi ga Umareta to sa is kind of strange to me because it kind of reminds me of a Lion King song with the way it flows.  I just didn’t think a song like this would even be considered as an A-side because it just doesn’t make sense.  Shokotan sounds nice if not a bit cutesy.  It’s OK, but nothing I would put on repeat.

6. Arukou

The other song that was supposed to be the secondary A-side but was cancelled, Arukou closes the mini-album out with a ballad and Arukou has a much orchestrated arrangement which actually sounds pretty and with Shoko singing lightly, it’s a soft and non-offensive track and definitely closed the mini out on a good note.

To me I felt like UCHI-SHIGOTO, SOTO-SHIGOTO!! was kind of a rushed deal because 4/6 of the tracklist is older stuff that was released elsewhere while the remaining tracks were initially supposed to be their own single (though if it was a single, neither song would’ve really made sense as A-sides).  It’s alright for what it is, but I just can’t shake off that this was a bit of a thin idea of a release.  At least I can say that this was better than “nsum”.


One Response to “Shoko Nakagawa – UCHI-SHIGOTO, SOTO-SHIGOTO!!”

  1. Paru Says:

    The DECO*27 song is actually from his third album, Love Calendar, Shokotan sings a few of the songs off that album.

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