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Yukino – RanTiKi February 9, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. RanTiKi
  2. Miserable Rain
  3. I Just Called to Say I Love You
  4. RanTiKi (instrumental)
  5. Miserable Rain (instrumental)

1. RanTiKi

For being Yukino’s first single, I was curious to how she was going to carry herself into her career and RanTiKi is a really awesome surprise!  I am in love with the jazzy tones in this song and add Yukino’s already impressive vocals and you get this bombastic and lively tune that really spiced things up this year for me so far.  If she keeps on going I’m going to stan her so hard!  This is just perfect for Yukino!!!

2. Miserable Rain

As for the first of the B-sides, Miserable Rain tones things down quite a lot and it’s great because this song reminds me of the songs from her debut mini-album!  This is a bit straightforward as a ballad, but you can’t go wrong with a simple piano/strings ballad with such beautiful vocals…so it kind of meets in the middle but quite impressive that Yukino can bring life into a song like this.

3. I Just Called to Say I Love You

The last track reviewed on the single is actually a cover of a classic Stevie Wonders’ tune!  You can really tell she is really trying to get into that soulful feel that Stevie did, but it comes off just a bit strange as it’s also a dive into singing English and that’s kind of just awkward to listen to.  Song is also on the simple side with only piano…I mean there could’ve been more going on and Yukino could’ve sung this in Japanese but right now, this is kind of bleh.

Yukino’s first single and only single prior to her first studio album, RanTiKI is pretty good for the most part.  The best thing about it is the title track which is just amazing and sassy to listen to.  Miserable Rain is a simple yet pretty ballad while the cover track is just kind of bleh.  Luckily since RanTiKi is epic, it’s still a good single!


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