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9nine – colorful February 13, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. colorful
  2. Yasashii Ame
  3. Shoujo Traveler (tofubeats remix)
  4. colorful (Instrumental)
  5. Yasashii Ame (Instrumental)

1. colorful

For me not being impressed with anything fully the group has released since their album, colorful might be the closest to something I can get behind because it has a kind of idol pop/rock sound to it does stand out amongst the other A-sides they’ve released.  However, I’m not exactly fond of how harsh they sound singing together…they weren’t exactly combining strengths here.  It’s good, but slightly ranks lower than “Brave” for best A-side of the era.

2. Yasashii Ame

The B-side of the single, was actually kind of nice to listen to!  I mean it is a ballad which is kind of low, but this actually slightly fixed the issues from “colorful” but they still kind of struggle harmonizing in certain parts.  I actually really liked the shimasen in the final chorus though, that was a surprising twist to the ballad.  I can get behind this a lot if I continue to listen to this!

3. Shoujo Traveler (tofubeats remix)

I was worried to see that Shoujo Traveler got a remix and feared the worst and sadly it came to light.  We all know the original is that electro sound that seriously whooped a lot of ass last year!  The remix from tofubeats turned that song into this chilled out, mid-tempo track and it just didn’t work with how beat-savvy those lyrics are.  I don’t know, it just didn’t work for me this time around.

As 9nine close out their 2nd major era, colorful might be the best single of the 4 that were released (which isn’t saying a lot considering that this era has been shockingly weak).  The leading track has a good arrangement but the vocals were all over the damn place!  Same can be said about Yasashii Ame but at least that had a stronger arrangement and the girls at least tried to vocally come together.  Shoujo Traveler’s remix was as disappointing as I had expected to me.  I think I’m a bit worried about this upcoming album of theirs…>.>


One Response to “9nine – colorful”

  1. Richardson Says:

    Hi there, wondering if you ever got a chance to try out 9nine’s second album under Sony? It doesn’t seem to be as strong (catchy?) as their first one, but would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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