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Kylee – Daisuki na no ni February 13, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Daisuki na no ni
  2. Anywhere
  3. Daisuki na no ni [Anime Edit] (Limited only)
  4. Daisuki na no ni [Less Vocal]

1. Daisuki na no ni

I have to say that it’s nice that Kylee has learned to stop yelling her songs and use a more powerful tone for the songs since “17”.  Daisuki na no ni is her most anime-ish sounding song yet since it features piano and some of the anison/guitar melodies.  I have to say this song was quite impressive to listen to, if not a smidge repetitive towards the end.  I still was enjoying every minute of this!

2. Anywhere

Moving onto the other track on the single, Anywhere, brings back our Kylee in her native tongue of English and this kind of has the old sound she used to have before she became a major label artist.  It’s also kind of synthy as well which gives a new twist to her sound.  Good song overall and she definitely has such good pipes going!

Kylee is definitely showing progress in her singing and with Daisuki na no ni, she’s kind of now trying some new ideas and for the most part it works quite nicely.  The leading track might be anison-heavy, but she at least backed it up with her tone.  Anywhere is a great English tune and kind of tongue-in-cheek in the lyrical sense which is something I like about her English songs (at least in my opinion).


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