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Weather Girls – Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou February 14, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou
  2. Kimi Youhou
  3. Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou (Instrumental)
  4. Kimi Youhou (Instrumental)

1. Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou

Where have I heard that ~are you ready?~ before…Anyways, the group’s second effort is kind of fun to listen to and has even more of that K-pop sound going but it’s Japanese….identity crisis!!!  I have to say though the song is quite catchy and super genki too with all those interjections from the different members in the song…it’s just so happy and girly.  I kind of like the arrangement, but tone the hyperness down a bit!

2. Kimi Youhou

At least the B-side is a bit more together and actually sounding really nice.  I feel like their electronic pop style suits them, but with this, I honestly feel like this is their best song yet as a group.  It’s incredibly catchy and something about its bright lyrics just seems so adorable and just right.  Yeah…impressed!

The group’s second single, Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuihou is a step up from “Koi no Tenki Youhou” honestly.  The A-side is fun and brings out the girly personality of the group to a VERY high level and it might grate on some people, but it’s a fun track still.  Kimi Youhou though was amazing and surprised this wasn’t an A-side as it’s catchy and brings the meaning of Weather Girls up there.


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