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PASSPO☆ – Sakura Komachi February 19, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Sakura Komachi
  2. No. 1 Boy
  3. Sakura Komachi (Instrumental)
  4. No 1. Boy (Instrumental)

1. Sakura Komachi

After all the awesomeness that happened in the last era, PASSPO☆ kicks off their new era with Sakura Komachi which continues with the edgy rock arrangement.  It’s still got that great song to it and the members sound great as well if not even more edgier than “WING”.  It’s pretty damn catchy though and I love the energy of the entire presentation!!

2. No. 1 Boy

At first I felt that the B-side was even more heavier than “Sakura Komachi”, but it honestly sounds like something Avril Lavigne would approve of because it has a much punkier vibe.  Then again, it has a “CHECK-IN” sound so minus the cool arrangement, the vocals are kind of eh.  Though the solo lines were awesome!

PASSPO☆ made me curious as to what they were going to do after their trilogy and “One World” album and it seems for now they’re sticking to their current rock sound and I love it because both tracks are quite catchy and gives the ladies such a interesting sound together.  Definitely a pretty good single from this idol group!


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