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yanaginagi – Zoetrope February 19, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Zoetrope
  2. Shinshin no Wataridori
  3. replica
  4. Zoetrope (instrumental)
  5. Shinshin no Wataridori (instrumental)
  6. replica (instrumental)

1. Zoetrope

I am just so surprised with Nagi now.  I mean “Laterality” was her first step into rock (solo-wise) but damn girl, she went heavy on it this time for Zoetrope.  It’s like I’m listening to someone else like Maon Kurosaki because she kind of has this tone to her and add the aggressive nature of the song and I found myself kind of mindblown with this.  It’s a new direction and I’m loving it because this song is so beautiful yet so hardcore!  I love it!!!

2. Shinshin no Wataridori

The B-side definitely calms things down after “Zoetrope” and kind of sounds like a lot like “Laterality”.  I mean it’s a pretty solid track overall and I do like she’s keeping with this anison rock style, but I found the latter to be more memorable (then again it was an A-side).  Not bad something I think I’ll enjoy with more listens.

3. replica

I found it strange that replica actually is so short here.  I mean only a little over two minutes, I didn’t think the track was going to be simple of a track with only Nagi and some piano accompanying her.  Simple and to the point, but doesn’t leave much of a impression on me lol.

Wow, Nagi just seems to have found her footing and continues to try new endeavors at the same time as with Zoetrope which is her edgiest song to date!  However she did slightly lose it in the B-sides.  Shinshin no Wataridori is good, but sounds similar to “Laterality” and replica was a bit too safe this time around.  Overall, not her best single but damn Zoetrope is an epic song!


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