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U-KISS – ALONE February 20, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. ALONE
  2. Distraction+
  3. Distance… -Acoustic ver.- (CD only)
  4. ALONE (Instrumental)
  5. Distraction+ (Instrumental)


Man this group just keeps shelving out releases.  Starting their 2013, ALONE comes out and I am quite confused on how I feel about it haha.  The verses kind of has this dark and mysterious feel like “Tick Tack”, but then the chorus just kind of barrels into the song at such a hyperspeed…it really felt like two separate songs colliding together.  Overall, this is a good song and one of the best of this era…my only big issue is Soohyun near the end of the song…was it necessary to overload on the auto-tune there?  Still great track overall!

2. Distraction+

I was pleasantly surprised that the B-side is also upbeat and showcases more of that side of the group.  Unlike the fierceness of “ALONE” this track has more of a “Believe (Believe you)” kind of tone where it’s still K-pop friendly but not badass…more of like something Ne-Yo would do.  I don’t know if the song is too memorable and the chorus has some sour notes going on, but at least it’s not a vanilla ballad!

*will review the acoustic once it leaks*.  I’ve said before about U-KISS in recent times but they’ve been overworking themselves dead through 2012 and it continues this year beginning with ALONE.  I have to say though this is one of the group’s better offerings in recent times as well.  The leading track is edgy and brought the group back to what made me love them.  Distraction+ is nice as well and a lot better than their previous B-sides too.  Overall, this is actually a good single…though their next release is a Korean album so who knows what’s next x.x/


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