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AKB48 – So long! February 23, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. So long!
  2. Waiting room (Undergirls)
  3. Ruby (Shinoda Team A) (Type A only)
  4. Yuuhi Marie (Oshima Team K) (Type K only)
  5. Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjaukane? (Umeda Team B) (Type B only)
  6. Tsuyoi Hana (Kenkyuusei) (Theater Edition only)
  7. Sugar Rush (*)
  8. So long! off vocal ver.
  9. Waiting room off vocal ver.
  10. Ruby off vocal ver.
  11. Yuuhi Marie off vocal ver.
  12. Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjaukane? off vocal ver.
  13. Tsuyoi Hana off vocal ver.

(*) = only on DVD, just the PV

1. So long!

If you’ve been following AKB for a long time, then you know the pattern of the group’s singles.  So long! is the Sakura-themed single and to be honest this and the last single is where the group usually puts out their most boring songs (sans a few).  So long! kind of takes the “Sakura no Ki ni Narou” route and it’s just kind of there and doesn’t really try to stand out amongst the various other songs tacked to the season.  Meh, just didn’t do anything for me.

2. Waiting room

Going on to the multitude of B-sides from the single, Waiting room is a bit more stronger of a song because it’s kind of that pop/rock idol track that seems to be recently getting popular.  In comparison, the song is much better than “So long!” but I still wouldn’t put it up there with like “Kurumi to Dialogue”, and “Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai” in B-sides.

3. Ruby

So the edition specific songs are between the New Teams (though the names now feature the leader of said team).  Team A’s Ruby is definitely something in my line of cool songs from AKB48.  It’s like the took out the aggressiveness from “UZA” and left this kind of dark and sexy track in Ruby.  I just love the buzzing synths and the vocals are a lot mature here which surprised me.  Definitely a cool song on the single!

4. Yuuhi Marie

Team K this time around sounds like they got the animu song because it honestly sounds like an ending theme to one of the bigger animes (maybe Dragonball Z?).  That being said, it’s kind of formulaic and sometimes I feel like there’s only one girl singing in the song hahaha.  It’s just that I kind of expected something more after hearing “Ruby”…this just felt lazy.

5. Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjaukane?

Finally, Team B comes to wrap things up and their song is more of the same after “Yuuhi Marie”, minus the addition of saxophones, it seriously one in the same flow but this actually sounds like there’s more than one member singing.  I don’t know but this was kind of disappointing as well because this and the previous track just has the same aura about them.

6. Tsuyoi Hana

Of course on the Theater edition of the single, the trainees (wait..Undergirls….Kenkyuusei aren’t they basically the same idea just with different names?).  Anyways, it’s kind of strange that this song has an interesting arrangement because it has a certain Waltz kind of sound going on.  It’s kind of cool though if not slightly cheesy, but the melodies these girls hit were actually pleasant.  I actually kind of liked this track!

7. Sugar Rush

Yeah, this song isn’t on the tracklist for any of the CDs but the PV is on the DVD so I thought why the hell not!  If this was on the CD, this would’ve easily taken the best song of the single because it’s totally different from anything AKB really has put out.  If you recall, this song was used in Wreck-It-Ralph and I’m happy the PV got placed on the single because it’s so silly and ridiculous and mixing that with this earworm of a song…I loved it to death!

AKB starts 2013 off with their typical Sakura single and it was a bore to be honest…I wasn’t expecting anything less, but c’mon surprise me at least.  Waiting room was better and the fact that Meru Tashima was pushed was indeed surprising (she failed a Momusu audition and Aki.P snatched her up)  The Team songs were mostly a bore except for Ruby which was slick and dark and really nice.  However the single’s best two songs were Tsuyoi Hana and Sugar Rush…the former being something bouncy and waltzy while Sugar Rush is just catchy as hell…I only wonder what’ll come next…


ayaka – beautiful/Chiisana Ashiato

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Track Listing

  1. beautiful
  2. Chiisana Ashiato
  3. Hajimari no Toki English ver.
  4. beautiful (inst)
  5. Chiisana Ashiato (inst)

1. beautiful

Opening the single, beautiful starts of with some gospel-like ad-libs which sounded really pretty with only piano backing it up.  Once ayaka starts to sing the song continues on this rather basic path for majority of the song.  Percussion and strings filter in later, but the song itself does sound a bit vanilla for ayaka.  Especially coming after all the songs she put out in “The beginning”.  It’s not a total wreck, but it’s something I won’t remember in the long run.

2. Chiisana Ashiato

The other A-side though kind of makes up for how white “beautiful” is.  This track has a much more playful vibe going and ayaka while sounds better in the previous track, gives an exceptional performance here as well.  I don’t know why, but I get giddy listening to this song!  I just loved the arrangement to this song a lot more than I thought I would…why wasn’t this promoted more? lol

3. Hajimari no Toki English ver.

So the track that promoted “The beginning” gets an English version and I was kind of excited to hear how it’d turn out.  Yeah the accent is really evident, but damn ayaka still sounds great and hearing the lyrics now makes this song a lot more emotional-tying for me.  It really made a difference and this song is just simple and great to listen to (makes me want “beautiful” to have an English version now…).

It’s shocking to know that her last single was back in 2009, but after her return, she’s making great strides in music.  I will say it’ll take time for beautiful to grow on me because it’s such a plain song in her discography, plus Chiisana Ashiato just overthrows it completely with being a lot more playful and quirky of a song.  The English take on Hajimari no Toki was a great extra track too…so she can get better from this for sure ^_^


MIYAVI – Ahead Of The Light

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Track Listing

  1. Ahead Of The Light
  2. Ahead Of The Light (Instrumental)

1. Ahead Of The Light

I wasn’t expecting something so soon from MIYAVI, but Ahead Of The Light is quite something.  At first I kind of thought he worked with YUKSEK again because the song shares the same dance/guitar riffs with “DAY 1” which I’ve said was pretty damn amazing.  With this track, the energy is still quite aggressive and the dance beat is still more prominent with MIYAVI’s quick playing.  Even the Engrish is available too lol.  I actually like the song a lot even if it doesn’t have the same angst that “DAY 1” had.  It’s pretty awesome!

Like I said above, I didn’t think MIYAVI would start his next set of releases so quickly after “SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.1”, but Ahead Of The Light might’ve been better had it been on that album because I did wish there was more to the single.  The song itself though is pretty awesome so it might have helped the single out more.  I hope he continues to release awesome songs!