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MIYAVI – Ahead Of The Light February 23, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Ahead Of The Light
  2. Ahead Of The Light (Instrumental)

1. Ahead Of The Light

I wasn’t expecting something so soon from MIYAVI, but Ahead Of The Light is quite something.  At first I kind of thought he worked with YUKSEK again because the song shares the same dance/guitar riffs with “DAY 1” which I’ve said was pretty damn amazing.  With this track, the energy is still quite aggressive and the dance beat is still more prominent with MIYAVI’s quick playing.  Even the Engrish is available too lol.  I actually like the song a lot even if it doesn’t have the same angst that “DAY 1” had.  It’s pretty awesome!

Like I said above, I didn’t think MIYAVI would start his next set of releases so quickly after “SAMURAI SESSIONS vol.1”, but Ahead Of The Light might’ve been better had it been on that album because I did wish there was more to the single.  The song itself though is pretty awesome so it might have helped the single out more.  I hope he continues to release awesome songs!


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