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Mami Kawada – FIXED STAR February 24, 2013

Filed under: Mami Kawada — solarblade @ 6:34 pm


Track Listing

  2. intersection
  3. FIXED STAR (Instrumental)
  4. intersection (Instrumental)


Well it’s no surprise that Mami releases a kind of animu-rock song with FIXED STAR, but it’s such a cool track to listen and I just love her voice in the song.  It does remind me of her last single “Borderland” because it has a lot of arrangement similarities.  I think it’s a pretty solid track, but the fact that this is a recut song from her best album last week makes this just a little strange of a song to me…still not bad!

2. intersection

At least the B-side is all new.  I don’t know why, but I love the intro for this song…it was progressive rock and the song gets heavy and kind of reminds me of stuff from “SAVIA”.  There’s just some good guitar riifs, I know it reminds of one oh her older songs, but not sure which one at the moment.  Very fitting B-side.

So this single was released as a recut single (only a week after her best) and this seems to be alright, but nothing that overly excites me.  FIXED STAR is a good track for Mami don’t get me wrong, but I think intersection did a lot better overall.  Overall, it’s one of her better singles, but strangely released lol.


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