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mihimaru GT – Kimi Dake no Story February 24, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Kimi Dake no Story
  2. We Got Restart
  3. Kazoku ni Narou yo
  4. Kimi Dake no Story (Instrumental)
  5. We Got Restart (Instrumental)

1. Kimi Dake no Story

I was surprised that mihimaru would make their next A-side kind of a midtempo R&B track that’s quite upbeat and happy sound.  I do like the fact that there’s some electric guitars present and the song gots a lot more color than some of their more recent offerings.  It’s not a bad song though, so I suppose that’s good right?

2. We Got Restart

Then we slide into the B-sides and We Got Restart is definitely more along the lines of what I like in mihimaru GT.  Minus the small tinges of Oriental music, the song has more of a dance style and I actually like listening to HIROKO’s vocals in the song.  Though I still do think it’s just a bit strange hearing the title sung and all because that’s broken as hell lol.  Not bad, not bad.

3. Kazoku ni Narou yo

I’m surprised that mihimaru did a cover of a song that was released back in 2011.  You know, that Masaharu Fukuyama song that was immensely popular?  Granted the song keeps its sentimentality and quiet feel but with HIROKO singing by herself.  It’s a pleasant cover, nothing that ultimately says KEEP ME…but it’s a nice extra.

With mihimaru getting all ridiculous with releasing best albums now, it’s nice they threw this single out there.  Kimi Dake no Story isn’t too bad and it’s cute and fun to listen to but We Got Restart was a much better track even if the title makes 0 sense lmao.  Their cover of Kazoku ni Narou yo was pretty good, but I think I like Masaharu’s version more still.  Overall not bad…but the group needs to stop releasing so many best albums T.T


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