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Kavka Shishido – music February 25, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. music
  2. Recovery
  3. Muteki no Rock Star
  4. music (Demo version) (Regular only)

1. music

I have to say I’m getting more impressed with Kavka as an artist especially with music, her second A-side!  This definitely fits alongside every track she released on her debut single because this has fire and energy and she sounds quite nice.  Best part of the song though is the chorus…definitely loud and really shows Kavka’s strength in her vocals.  Definitely an impressive song to listen to!

2. Recovery

Moving into the B-sides, I have to say that this has a unique sound with that repetitive sax line but has Kavka sounding slick in and around the melody before the chorus opens the song up further.  It’s a strange song to get used to, but overall, this was a pretty solid track if not something that says Kavka wants to try new things here and there.

3. Muteki no Rock Star

Remember “Count Down”? from her last single, I was kind of think this is a parallel because this is more of like that awesome Kavka rock song.  I’m starting to really love her voice as well and just love the power and edge she has…it just makes the song sound so much more lively.  See this is just the kind of song I like and once again definitely say this is the best song on the single.

4. music (Demo version)

I’m just surprised they didn’t call this an acoustic version because that is just what it is, but shorter than the main version.  I do like the simpler arrangement here and it kind of works here in a good way.  I just like listening to the acoustic guitar alongside Kavka’s vocals which has a bit of an echo effect going.  Nice little bonus since it’s only on the Regular edition.

I’m seriously falling for Kavka now.  She just has something that current J-pop acts are kind of lacking at the moment and it’s that musical spark and strong showcase of talent.  music was a great upgrade from “Aisuru Kakugo” in the way that all the songs offered something different.  The leading track is much more memorable than her debut and Muteki no Rock Star was that epic rock song I needed!  Recovery is interesting and something really unique with the saxes being thrown in and last but not least, the bonus version of music was a different take of an already good song.  Yeah this single was pretty amazing! *RECOMMENDED*


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