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BoA – Only One February 26, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Only One
  2. The Shadow
  3. Only One (INST)
  4. The Shadow (INST)

1. Only One

Well, I’d never thought we get a Japanese version of Only One considering that she hasn’t done that for a LONG time and the original was released back in July of last year.  Hearing this in Japanese though felt so much natural for me and kind of does suit her style of music as well.  It’s kind of growing on me now hearing this here.  It’s like a more toned-down “Eien” and I kind of enjoyed that.

2. The Shadow

The B-side is also a Japanese version of the Korean original and The Shadow was a song that I actually remembered from the Korean album, but I did say that I wished it was a little faster.  I still feel that way here and now I feel like during the verses, BoA is mechanical kind of like “Eat You Up” mechanical, but I still think she pulled the song off well.

Honestly, why would you release this like half a year later after the originals?  While this single was one of her better Japanese singles, this screamed a little bit of laziness given BoA’s track record of original songs before this.  I think they both were the best tracks since the “Only One” album was really disappointing to me (well I would’ve like “The Top” to have been included but you know…Single was just unnecessary to be honest.


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