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girl next door – standing for you February 26, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. standing for you
  2. Kokuhaku
  3. standing for you (English Ver.)
  4. standing for you (Instrumental)
  5. Kokuhaku (Instrumental)

1. standing for you

I was wondering what standing for you was like (especially for how many times they delayed the damn single), standing for you is more Igurashi love here and that strong 90’s tone.  At least this tune is more upbeat and honestly, it reminds me of old day after tomorrow which made me smile a bit.  CHISA’s bright vocals filtered throughout the song and I’m really enjoying it even if it’s VERY nostalgia-filled.

2. Kokuhaku

A 6-minute ballad?  Yep, that’s what we got with Kokuhaku and I was loathing getting into the track because gnd and ballads don’t really go well for them sans a rare few.  I do like that the song incorporates piano and acoustic guitar (with light electric) altogether.  CHISA does a good job and all, but the song is just way TOO long for its own good.

3. standing for you (English Ver.)

Oh…..this is just not kosher!  I mean the arrangement is the same which is great, but holy shit should CHISA just stick with just doing Japanese because I couldn’t understand anything she was saying minus a couple of buzzworthy words here and there.  This might have been the better version had CHISA sung this well…oh well…

I really don’t understand why the single was pushed back as much as it did (ironic that “Silent Stream” was too pushed back a lot too) but standing for you is a great gnd song and is the best of the “Life of Sound’s” singles.  Kokuhaku could’ve been better had it been a couple minutes shorter…and the English version of standing for you…well…ick…I just can’t wait for this era to finish lol.


One Response to “girl next door – standing for you”

  1. Spade Says:

    I’m really loving “standing for you”! Igarashi and Suzuki are definitely playing to their strengths here, and CHISA’s vocals are excellent as always. (Well, on the regular version anyway – on the English version, the words, oh my.)

    I’m not very familiar with dat (not a fan of misono’s vocals), so I was reminded of the earlier work Igarashi and Suzuki did with the original 3-nin dream. On the “Instrumental” version, I could almost hear in my head how Mai, Kana and Yu would have traded lines and sung together on the chorus. (And of course, the PV would have given them some awkward dance moves to perform.) Ahh, the nostalgia…

    Kokuhaku is growing on me. You’re right that the guitar and piano stand out in a good way, it’s not the typical Igarashi/Suzuki sound. It’s very nicely arranged (I don’t mind the length) and CHISA sings it beautifully – my biggest complaint is the weak fade-out ending.

    As a Perfume fan, I think I’m actually finding gnd’s single more compelling than theirs! O_O

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