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Perfume – Mirai no Museum February 27, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Mirai no Museum
  2. Daijobanai
  3. Mirai no Museum -Original Instrumental-
  4. Daijobanai -Original Instrumental-

1. Mirai no Museum

When I first heard that Perfume’s next A-side was tied to Doraemon, I was extremely worried because the series is definitely geared toward the kids in Japan and it meant that Perfume were going to be exceptionally cute this time around for their single and sadly I was correct.  The song doesn’t really feel like Perfume to be honest, I mean it’s just kind of zoning music and SUPER cute…like back in their early singles.  It’s not terrible, but very forgettable when compared to everything else they’ve done!

2. Daijobanai

The B-side was something I was curious to listen to, but unfortunately I’m not a big fan of this either to be honest.  I mean it’s not as anger-inducing like “Communication” was, but it does contain the same problems like an overly repetitive melody and chorus.   Yeah the good thing is that the verses have a little more backbone to stand out and the synths are cute…but damn I was annoyed at the end of the song.  It could grow on me, but right now I’m just kind of meh.

What is going on Perfume?  You decide now to put out an underwhelming single?  Mirai no Museum is OK but it’s definitely not on the top 20 Perfume songs that’s for sure…it’s just a little too hokey and just doesn’t fit Perfume’s style well enough.  Daijobanai is kind of like “Communication” 2.0….less sugary, but still can’t shake of the grievances.  I hope this era comes to an end now…


2 Responses to “Perfume – Mirai no Museum”

  1. ryusenkai Says:

    I feel that Doraemon … will only affect a group’s sound if they let it affect them. I’ve seen a TON of groups who’ve had themes for the series, and it’s about split down the middle whether or not it actually affects them. Not a Perfume fan really, but I felt that it’s a worthwhile note to make.

  2. Spade Says:

    I agree with you that the A-side seems to be echoing the very early Perfume sound, but with less life to it. I’ve given it a few listens but it’s just not clicking with me (though on headphones it’s cool to hear how Nakata arranges the sonic landscape).

    The B-side reminds me more of Hurly Burly from Spending All My Time, which is definitely a good thing. This is the kind of Nakata sound I expect from Perfume, I’m liking it a lot more than the A-side.

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