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Aya Hirano – TOxxxIC March 3, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. TOxxxIC
  2. Mirai Voyager
  3. Mirai Voyager -Aya Ver.-
  4. TOxxxIC -Instrumental-
  5. Mirai Voyager -Instrumental-

1. TOxxxIC

I was wondering where Aya went off to after “FRAGMENTS” and she cme back with TOxxxIC and I wasn’t expecting the song to be so dance-pop friendly almost American in a way (then again she did work with Steve Diamond, who has worked with Britney Spears and etc.).  She sounds good but the way she says ~toxic~ does bother me a bit.  Still this is kind of new footprints in the sand and I kind of liked how this song turned out overall.

2. Mirai Voyager

I was curious to why there was two versions of Mirai Voyager on the single but listening to this it seems like this version SCREAMS VOCALOID.  You can easily tell by the computerized vocals and high pitch that’s present that it’s Aya in VOCALOID form and this just kind of sucks to me.

3. Mirai Voyager -Aya Ver.-

Thank god this came after.  It’s the same song of course but instead of high squeaks and annoyances, it’s Aya…pure AYA!!!  I love her deeper vocals of course and it suits the rockin’ arrangement quite perfectly for me.  Then again Aya is pretty comfortable doing these songs since it’s kind of her main thing lol.  The song isn’t totally bad and I kind of wish this was promoted as an A-side as well.

What a strange single this was! TOxxxIC has a great arrangement and her voice suited it but there were some nuances that irked me but overall the song was great.  If you’re going to listen to Mirai Voyager PLEASE listen to the Aya Version first because that is the better one than the original VOCALOID mess there.  Nice to see Aya still releasing though lol.


One Response to “Aya Hirano – TOxxxIC”

  1. Yuki Nagato Says:

    I’m glad you liked the song as well! It’s good she went for a change of style, but according to Youtube viewers, she should go to hell… >__>

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