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Dream5 – COME ON!/Doremifa Sorairo March 3, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. COME ON!
  2. Doremifa Sorairo
  3. Believe
  4. COME ON! (Original Karaoke)
  5. Doremifa Sorairo (Original Karaoke)
  6. Believe (Original Karaoke)


I was kind of worried getting into Dream5’s next single because it was once again another tie-in to the Tamagotchi anime so I was expecting the song to be more cutesy like “Like & Peace!” but it’s actually not too bad for an idol song.  Plus it’s got a pretty cool dance arrangement behind giving it so it really does stand out.  They just keep getting better with every A-side and this is definitely their best one yet!

2. Doremifa Sorairo

The alternate covers that represent the second A-side is really scary but it suits the song as it’s the more cheerful and overly joyous idol track with chanting and a MUCH CUTER arrangement which is so weird to know that Akira is a part of this xD.  This track just kind of grosses me out a bit…just a little too cheesy for me.

3. Believe

The B-side to the single is different since we’re hearing some electric guitars and some really good vocals here (even though I’m not sure who’s who amongst the girls).  In Dream5 terms this is pretty aggressive and heavy which is pretty damn awesome to hear.  Minus the cutesy xylophone??, this is a great song and is the group’s best B-side to date too!

6 singles huh?  I kind of wish Dream5 would just release an album already just to complete this era because it’s starting to get single heavy.  Anyways the single at hand, COME ON! is their best one yet but kind held back a little.  COME ON! and Believe are really great tracks and shows the group’s improvement on all sides so they really surprised me with that.  HOWEVER, Doremifa Sorairo is giant step back for them…it’s like going back to their first mini-album which is mostly kiddy stuff but this song was just gross for me…if they had not made that song an A-side I’d be be better, but nope this was a bigger song than Believe was >.>


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