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KOKIA – Battle of destiny March 3, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Battle of destiny
  2. Aete Ureshii Nyan

1. Battle of destiny

When I heard that this song was tied to Dragon’s Nest, I was SO DAMN happy because the last song she did for the series “Road to Glory” was bloody amazing and I can see the similarities between that and Battle of destiny because this is the epic KOKIA I’ve really wanted all last year but ended up getting a lot of bland!  This song is really awesome and the fact I think KOKIA is singing in a different language is clearly proof of how amazing she really is…until…

2. Aete Ureshii Nyan

We move into the B-side which is a TOTAL 180 from the epicness of “Battle of destiny” because up to this point of my enjoyment of KOKIA I’ve never heard her voice sound so high and cutesy doing this nyan thing…DAMNIT STOP FOLLOWING MOMOKO!!!  I really would love to know why she did a song like this because I can’t think of any other way at the moment…this is just a bit too absurd.



KOKIA is once again on a release streak for some reason but the album that’s coming out doesn’t have ANY of the singles she’s done since “Sakura no Ki no Shita” so it’s weird to me.  Battle of destiny is a pretty amazing track and definitely is a great track to be from the same series as “Road to Glory” was.  Aete Ureshii Nyan however…gross and really not the type of thing KOKIA should do more often….blech!  I wonder what “Kioku no Hikari” will turn out like now…


2 Responses to “KOKIA – Battle of destiny”

  1. dawn Says:

    I agree with you that this single is the one that I’ve been waiting for all of last year, totally. She mentioned that fans of Chouwa Oto would love it because it is similar, and I think one of them is that she’s singing the chorus in reverse.

    As for the B-side… It seems that it’s a character song for the cat that she voiced in the game? Not as epic, but I don’t mind it.

  2. Cybuster_God_of_Wind Says:

    Love “Battle of destiny”! Never heard the other, don’t know if I really want to.

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