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Konomi Suzuki – Yume no Tsuzuki March 3, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Yume no Tsuzuki
  2. Shuujin -Paradox 2013-
  3. Yume no Tsuzuki (Instrumental)
  4. Shuujin -Paradox 2013- (Instrumental)

1. Yume no Tsuzuki

So Konomi is once again going for the cuter side of the anison world with Yume no Tsuzuki.  At least this song really lets Konomi show off her vocal skills and I’m quite impressed with what I hear from her.  Besides the good vocals and nice melody, the arrangement is your typical anison breezy cute song with strings and such…Not bad, but kind of ehhhh.

2. Shuujin -Paradox 2013-

So the B-side it seems is a ballad at first but becomes this dramatic almost goth like song like “CHOIR JAIL” and I’m happy that Konomi did slightly go back towards that sound because her voice REALLY suits a more edgier and heavy song…especially the high notes she hits!  Then the chorus hits and it comes disappointing since it’s not exciting and meh to me but the rest of the song is too cool!

Konomi’s 3rd single and she kind of fixed the problems that were oh so relevant in “DAYS of DASH”.  Neither songs were terrible but they still leave little of an impression on me besides the fact that Konomi can really sing!  I just wish she got some awesome producers to back her up, because this is not really working out for her.


One Response to “Konomi Suzuki – Yume no Tsuzuki”

  1. Mack Says:

    I think the best song in the single is Shuujin. It brings a more dramatic touch to the song thanks to the vocals. Comparing it to Yume no tsuzuki which is typical anison, I prefer obviously Shuujin. And is one of my favorites of the album 🙂

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