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Kanako Ito – Chaos Logic March 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Chaos Logic
  2. D.P.
  3. Chaos Logic (off Vocal)
  4. D.P. (off Vocal)

1. Chaos Logic

I was waiting for an epic Kanako A-side and it seems that it’s answered with Chaos Logic!  There’s just something about this song that just really fits her kind of like “Sky Clad no Kansokusha”.  It’s got an aggressive tone but doesn’t really fall into the whole sameish anime-ish drive like other songs tend to do.  I actually think it’s better than “Sora no Shita no Sokanzu” oddly enough and I liked that song too hahah.

2. D.P.

I really loved the intro to D.P. because it was so ethereal so kind of different.  Once Kanako starts singing, the song gets a bit more futuristic with synth lines and bloop and swerves mixed with the light and breezy tone of Kanako’s voice.  For being a bit slower than “Chaos Logic”, this song really works for me as well.

I can’t believe I forgot about this single x.x, anyways, Kanako’s 3rd of the era, Chaos Logic is definitely her best single she’s had in quite a while.  The leading track is aggressive and very cool and while similar to some other songs, I think it stands out just fine.  D.P. is also a really cool mid-tempo song though, one of the nice surprises to be honest ^_^.  Overall, this is a pretty solid single!


2 Responses to “Kanako Ito – Chaos Logic”

  1. Blade Says:

    Funny, I expected you to review Topology.

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