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Namie Amuro – Big Boys Cry/Beautiful March 10, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Big Boys Cry
  2. Beautiful
  3. Big Boys Cry (Instrumental)
  4. Beautiful (Instrumental)

1. Big Boys Cry

Ok this song has such a cute melody with the flutes…I just had to say that because it just made the song for me because it has a certain spring flair to it.  Big Boys Cry is a speedy song lyrically with Namie floating in the chorus after all that.  It’s not heavy like her past songs, but I kind of like this playful atmosphere for some reason, it’s amusing in a good way.  I don’t know if it is A-side material, but I did quite like this track.

2. Beautiful

I was expecting Namie to leave the Engrish back on “Uncontrolled” but she brings it for the ballad A-side for Beautiful.  Not gonna lie, the song is actually not bad either because her pronunciation has gotten a LOT better in my opinion.  Of course she throws in Japanese so it’s not a total language bomb (even if she’s like ~even it’s no supplies, even it’s no supplies~).  Minus that slip-up, this song has a great tone and really makes up for some of the slower tracks that I really couldn’t get behind in her last album…great ballad!

After “Uncontrolled”, I wasn’t sure of where Namie was really heading but this single is a good sign for me at least.  Big Boys Cry is quite quirky and playful, but I do feel as if it needed more backbone?  I don’t know like there’s just something that doesn’t feel complete about it.  At least Beautiful was there to really bring it up because it was just a great ballad for Namie (except the supplies line).  Overall, definitely good, slightly under “Go Round/YEAH-OH” but better than a couple others.


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