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supercell – The Bravery March 12, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. The Bravery
  2. She is my senior
  3. Aozora
  4. The Bravery (TV Edit)
  5. The Bravery -Instrumental-
  6. Aozora -Instrumental-
  7. The Bravery (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

1. The Bravery

I was loathing coming into this single because of my dislike of Koeda (as everyone knows).  It seems like ryo wanted to try something different than something like “Giniro Hikousen” and FINALLY ryo found something that actually works for her because she doesn’t sound dreadful, but once again the song is TOO long (6 minute song) and it’s a rock song.  I actually quite surprised at how much I enjoyed The Bravery and is about as good as “My Dearest” if not better.

2. She is my senior

I found it strange that our next song doesn’t have an instrumental, but then again this song is a 3 minute track with Koeda and acoustic guitar only.  You can tell Koeda has gotten some vocal training in between this single and “Giniro Hikousen” because her voice actually has a stronger tone and sounds like nasally.  Plus the added emotions are quite nice to listen too as well, but she needs to stay away from high notes she can’t hit.  Basic, but nice nonetheless.

3. Aozora

Another rock track, but includes whistling?  Yup, that’s what Aozora is all about, but the arrangement from ryo does take some strange turns with the minor tones I keep hearing.  I wish it was just a bit faster since I honestly feel like the tune would sound WAY BETTER if it was quicker overall.  It’s not bad, but quite forgetful.

Wow, a Koeda/ryo single that didn’t make me wanna kick something.  The Bravery is actually the best single I’ve heard since ryo switched singers out!  The Bravery (while a bit long) was a solid track and Koeda sounds passable!  Aozora is rockin’ too, but it could use a bit of a tempo boost and She is my senior was simple but nice (minus some sour notes).  I’m happily surprised by this.


One Response to “supercell – The Bravery”

  1. Blade Says:

    I personally think The Bravery is the best supercell song post Nagi. My Dearest isn’t a bad song but her vocals are way too shrill and rough to compliment the instrumentals, whereas the Bravery is more rocking and strong, which fits her perfectly. Fantastic song.

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