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AAA – PARTY IT UP March 15, 2013

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Track Listing

  2. ALIVE
  3. PARTY IT UP (PLAY IT ALL NIGHT REMIX) (CD only bonus track)
  4. PARTY IT UP (Instrumental)
  5. ALIVE (Instrumental)


After the last couple of A-sides, I was honestly burned out by AAA by releasing subpar songs as leading tracks.  Luckily for me, PARTY IT UP is SUCH A KICKASS song from the group.  I have always said I love their dance tracks more than their peppy/ballad stuff so this was right up in my alley.  I still really think that it’s awesome to finally see Shuta and Shinji being active in the songs and not being merely backup dancers nowadays.  It’s a pretty badass song, but my only issue is HOW short it really is (consists of two verses, two choruses…that’s it and the ending too).  It just felt like it could’ve had more added onto it.  Still it’s a pretty awesome song!


The beat of “PARTY IT UP” leads into the B-side and it’s got a darker synth riff at first and we hear Chiaki singing quite lengthily then Shuta and Shinji which is really cool.  The song is kind of a danceable ballad?  It’s definitely different from the previous track and is quite unique in AAA’s discography.  Actually you really don’t hear a lot of the primary members until the later half which is cool.  Not bad of a B-side.


We get a remix of the A-side as a special CD only treat.  It’s like they wanted to turn it into even more of an electro song and while the melody doesn’t match the lyrical melody, the song isn’t a bad remix.  I wish the chorus had a little more oomph to make it pop out more but this is OK…

AAA finally found the light again with PARTY IT UP.  The leading track is really cool and very them but I still do feel like the song needs more especially after the second chorus and its remix was solid, not the best but not terrible either.  ALIVE was different for sure and I love that the song mostly circled around Chiaki, Shuta, and Shinji here while everyone else was back up essentially.  This definitely made up for their last couple of singles and I hope they release another dance track after this one!


One Response to “AAA – PARTY IT UP”

  1. kieyuku Says:

    Love all three tracks. And I agree that PARTY IT UP felt short… however, that’s easily fixed by putting it on endless loop.
    Btw for ALIVE the opening lines are Misako’s. Both Chiaki and Misako have equal parts in the song.

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