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YuiKaori – Shiny Blue March 15, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Shiny Blue
  2. Hatsukoi Maze
  3. Shiny Blue (off vocal ver.)
  4. Hatsukoi Maze (off vocal ver.)

1. Shiny Blue

I was kind of wondering where the duo would go next after “Wake Up!!” and it seems they seem to go back to some of their older songs but with more of technopop/electro arrangement but still quite anison since they are pretty much an anison group.  I mean the synths are aplenty and there’s even guitar thrown in the loop.  Yui and Kaori both sound good, nothing to really gasm over, but that’s been a thing they haven’t really had.  It’s OK, but nothing that I’ll remember after the review

2. Hatsukoi Maze

The B-side kind of goes into a more cuter route and would’ve strangely fit as the B-side of “Wake Up!!” because there’s something similar between the two (and it’s not the energy btw).  It also reminds me of stuff from their first album as well…maybe “Our Steady Boy”?  Still, this is kind of nice and not really all that annoying.

As the 3rd single in, Shiny Blue is probably my least favorite A-side of the current era just because Shiny Blue really doesn’t bring anything totally new to the table for my ears.  It’s not bad though so at least that’s great to see.  Hatsukoi Maze also reminds me of one of their older tracks but it’s not crappy either.  What’s going on here?  I wonder if an album is up in the works for them!


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