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Yeah, I’m going to take a break for a while March 28, 2013

Filed under: ~Announcements~ — solarblade @ 1:06 am

If you haven’t noticed, I’m so far behind releases now….my interest has started to dwindle a bit, so Im going to go on a break for a while…..I know releases are going to pile up but I do need time off since I’ve been doing this nearly 5 years straight so it’s not bad if I take a break right?


17 Responses to “Yeah, I’m going to take a break for a while”

  1. Blade Says:

    It’s completely understandable, I just wish for one thing, would you mind giving me a short opinion on FLOW’s new album? Because honestly I think it’s their best since “Isle”.

  2. solarblade Says:

    Yes!!! I actually thought the same….not sure if it beats MICROCOSM for me but it’s definitely better than BLACK & WHITE lol

  3. Yama Take Says:

    You are a champ for doing all that you did.

    I hope you recharge & come back soon.

  4. Yuki Nagato Says:

    Have a good time resting, and come back quickly 🙂 We’ll miss your reviews by then.

  5. KleenexGhost Says:

    Sure, take a break and relax. You gotta live your life just like the rest of us 😀

  6. utauhoshii Says:

    I will miss you, but take your time….
    We will wait and welcome back you warmly (when it comes the time)

  7. extrasaber Says:

    Goodness, I hope you return soonish. Either way, have a nice resty-type time. You’ve most certainly earned it.

  8. Matt91_ Says:

    It iiiiiiiiiiiiis 😦

  9. Suzels Says:

    You definitely earned it, you’ve done an amazing job here and I’ll look forward to the reviews once you’re back.

  10. Spade Says:

    Well drat, and here I was looking forward to your reaction to gnd’s latest album. (“Three ballads in a row??? #$%@!”)

    Seriously, though, you’ve more than earned a break! Rest up and take the time away that you need – you’ll be warmly welcomed when you return. 🙂

  11. gustave154 Says:

    Aww have a nice break see you soon all right?

  12. Dayum, FIVE years straight! Props to you! I am waiting for your return!

  13. leeyewsheng Says:

    Rest up and have fun =)

  14. zhienn Says:

    every body body needs a break.

    I look forward to your comeback.

  15. amber Says:

    have a good break 🙂 ive enjoyed reading your reviews in the past!!

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