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So I return BUT… April 13, 2013

Filed under: ~Announcements~ — solarblade @ 7:54 am

Yes, I am back from a nice lengthy break, but I’ve given thought and I can’t keep up with everyone I’ve added anymore so I’ve decided to review what I want when I want…So music reviews have mostly been axed haha, but I will review things that really impressed me or by groups that I’ve REALLY came to love.  It’ll be hard to catch up with various things…but I wanna review video games more as well…even it out….


What do you guys think, yay or nay? XD


14 Responses to “So I return BUT…”

  1. shizukesa Says:

    Glad to see you back ^^ I think it’s fine to just review who you want/artists are actually interested in, this site does have a lot of artists on it, I know I’d have a lot of trouble keeping up if it was me haha.

  2. Welcome back! 🙂 I also think it’s fine to just review the things that you are impressed with and are actually interested in. It’s sad to see that you’re not going to review music as much as you used to, but I look forward to seeing what’s coming up! Just out of curiosity, which bands/artists will you continue to review?

    • solarblade Says:

      Not sure quite yet, Im keeping an open mind bout everyone, but there’s some bands that I’ve kind of lost interest in…but I wanna still review most of the artists I began with so like Momosu, Perfume, Kalafina, etc.

  3. Yuki Nagato Says:

    Welcome back! 😀
    Of course it’s okay to review what you like the most, that way you’ll be even more passionate when you’re writing :3

    … And you would kinda have to stop sleeping if you plan to catch up to all releases you’ve missed.

  4. Review what you like. I don’t mind you axing some of the releases (not many of them were good anyways :p).

  5. CJay Says:

    Definitely agree that you should review what you like! But I would love to see a review of ONE OK ROCK’s new album! haha

  6. 123 Says:

    It’s your blog, you should be able to do what you like! 😛
    I’ll be looking forward to your music reviews.

  7. Megumi Says:

    Gorl just do the stuff that interests you the most ❤

  8. Yama Take Says:

    Heck yeah. Focusing on the good stuff will probably make it easier to make some sense out of the endless amount of material.

  9. Kathi Says:

    You should enjoy updating this blog. If it becomes a burden, you have to change something – simple logic. So I’m fine with your decision.

  10. ryusenkai Says:

    I can understand that – it’s hard to manage this many artists consistently, particularly if you’re losing interest in a lot of them. Do what you want to do, since it’ll show if you’re really passionate about something and that’ll make what you do all the better (though I might be guilty of occasionally asking if you’ve listened to a particular release or not – more to recommend music that I found good than anything else xD). Am also kind of curious what type of video games that you’d want to review. :3 Nonetheless, good luck!

  11. Suzels Says:

    Small request : I really like the list of releases that you also put up on Facebook. Could you maybe keep that up?

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