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Best and Worst of 2012: Mini-Albums April 15, 2013

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Yeah, this has been forever in the making so I feel like I should move my ass and finish up these posts eh?


  • Shoko Nakagawa – Tokimeki☆Dreamer (nsum ~Nakagawa Shoko ga Utatte Mita!~)


So here we have the mini-album songs that I liked but didn’t make the top 2, but overall there wasn’t a lot of choices this year.  Just Friends (Can you hear me?) from Kie was a surprisingly fun song to hear from her and is one of her best songs yet!  palm love (Sang) by Eri Takenaka was a definite chill and unique experience, especially with how light and pretty Eri sounded and finally Loveless (Awaki Yumemiru Yoiyami no Gaibana) from Asriel definitely was the best the duo released this year with perfect vocals and soft arrangement.

2. Buono! – Mirai Drive (SHERBET)


Buono! released another surprisingly good song in Mirai Drive this year which is a bit lighter but also one of the more pleasant songs as well!  I guess it helped that it had acoustic guitar and all three of the ladies sound good here.  Yeah this was just a great song!

1. D – Like a Black Cat ~Mujitsu no Tsumi~ (Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari)


Strangely enough, I felt like D’s song, Like a Black Cat was definitely the best of the mini songs here.  It was dark and gothic and brought back the things I love about D (especially ASAGI).  There’s a lot to this song that really worked out so I was happy with my decision!



You know, like I said there wasn’t a whole lot of songs this year to really deal with but there were some bad ones.  Melody (LOVE) isn’t totally bad persay, but the song didn’t really make me feel anything for it.  Guruguru* (Yun*chi) would’ve been OK if there wasn’t so much dubstep thrown in alongside Yun*chi’s YUKI-like vocals. AMOYAMO’s theme song from the A☆M☆O☆Y★A★M★O mini-album was pretty damn bad, especially the hook of it is mostly spelling the song out too..yeah that was not a smart move!

2. GO GO Summer! 2012 (KARA Collection)


KARA really didn’t need to do what they did to GO GO Summer!, but they did with this being included on KARA Collection.  GO GO Summer! is already a great JPN KARA song, but seeing it retouched and given another slab of synths did not work this time around.  Just drove me nuts!

1. Asriel – Souyoku Fuuga (Awaki Yumemiru Yoiyami no Gaibana)


Asriel knows how to do good songs, but that’s covered with so many bad songs that it’s really strange.  Souyoku Fuuga is definitely the worst they put out this year.  I mean KOKOMI shouldn’t be singing like the banshee she was in this song TBH…Yeah it was bad!



Covers this year have been pretty good for the most part.  Yukino’s You make me blue is such a pretty shot of her in front of some mountains (if they’re photoshopped, then it’s pretty damn good lol).  Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari cover is quite symbol heavy with the deer and the black/white of them showing light and darkness.  I loved that cover though.  Soprano Rain feels like artwork with SAWA standing in front of it and it kind of worked for her lol.  Very colorful yet simple lol.

2. Mix Speaker’s, Inc. – SEAPARADISE no Hihou


This kind of fits in with “Shiny tale”, but SEAPARADISE no Hihou had a bit more going on with the showing the members in their ever-changing outfits on a pirate shit!  Still very colorful!

1. Asriel – Awaki Yumemiru Yoiyami no Gaibana


Finally I give some positive to Asriel, they always have the most elaborate and beautifully drawn artworks for their mini-albums and Awaki Yumemiru’s is no exception.  Very pretty and innocent looking and just kind of suits with the many other covers they have!



The thing about Sang and LOVE that found themselves here was the fact that they’re just close-up shots of them and neither really do much otherwise XD.  Yun*chi is just a bit plain though its kind of weird that she and her mirrored image kind of creates a lip xD…weird xD

2. Tommy february6 / Tommy heavenly6 – HALLOWEEN ADDICTION


I think the duo covers for Tomoko’s HALLOWEEN ADDICTION were pretty bad, mostly because they look so plain and while the February version has a beige color, both are still kind of meh just from not having to much on it.



MIYAVI took the crown of worst cover of the year…both covers for SAMURAI SESSIONS were a bit too odd looking, but this with the hair in front of his face just made him look psycho XD.  Doesn’t help the text is bad for the album title LOL





Even though the covers are bad, the experimentation MIYAVI did was splendid!  SAMURAI SESSIONS vol. 1 was a great thing for MIYAVI to have especially with having the singles prior included as well.  I love that the songs were all fresh and totally different…I hope there’s a second one in the future because this was a great mini!

1. Yukino – You make me blue


HOWEVER, if there was one artist that blew me away it was new artist Yukino and her debut mini-album, You make me blue.  She sounds AMAZING on the mini and her style was completely refreshing from the pop stantards Japan is slowly fading into.  It was a bit jazzy, but also bright pop too…it was just such a sweet surprise!



Sooo there’s really not a lot of TERRIBLE albums but they were on the lower side of the spectrum.  HALLOWEEN ADDICTION by both Tommys has 3 great songs BUT the killer fact is the those three songs are split into sections (the older songs never had that treatment).  Yeah it just wasn’t very well done or very smart.  KARA’s KARA Collection isn’t bad either, but none of the songs really stood out (plus GG! Summer 2012 was horrendous).  Soprano Rain by SAWA was a bit meh and a bit shaky but it’s because SAWA switched labels.



NIKIIE might have impressed me with “Everytime” but CHROMATOGRAPHY was quite unimpressive overall and seemed like dropouts from her first mini-album which was pretty depressing.  Yeah I mean one REALLY good song and I was just like over it XD

1. Yun*chi – Yun*chi


When I think of my least favorite mini-album of the year it was between NIKIIE and Yun*chi, but NIKIIE was slightly better because her vocals are so much better than Yun*chi’s!  Her self-titled debut was very lackluster and the only good song was the promo track Reverb*.  Yeah the other songs were like zzzzzzzz…



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