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Nami Tamaki – REAL April 18, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. REAL
  2. emotion
  3. Believe -2013- (Regular only)
  4. REAL (instrumental)
  5. emotion (instrumental)
  6. Believe -2013- (instrumental)


I was wondering what Nami do for her third A-side under Teichiku and honestly, I’m happy she switched producers for this one!  I have to say that I’m surprised she got the same guy that produced “Brightdown” because REAL sounds JUST like that song but more suited for Nami of today.  Nami sounds amazingly in control and the chorus is just as much giving this epic performance!  I just love that Nami tackled rock again!

2. emotion

For the B-side, I was kind of expecting a ballad to come along but emotion kind of also has the pop/rock flair, but it also kind of sounds like something SONY Nami would’ve released as it has some synths.  I actually have to admit that I kind of like this song a smidge better than “REAL” because her vocals are deeper and way cooler to listen.  The chorus has a bit of some odd transitioning, but the song is very cool as well.  Damn xD

3. Believe -2013-

On the regular editions of the single, we get a bonus track which is a self-cover of her debut song Believe which is a surprise for me!  Given the time that’s past since then, the song got glossed up by being a bit more electro and with Nami’s vocals matured as they have and her resing it…it’s something.  It does feel like Nami toned the energy down, but the mood of the song is different but at the same time familiar.

Nami’s 3rd single and she’s just bringing all the feels in.  REAL and emotion really sent the message that she wants to go back to her SONY sound on this single and it’s like she never even did the UNI-J failures.  Both songs are quite impressive and her voice has never sounded better!  Her self-cover of Believe is a smidge weaker than the original, but the new arrangement was a nice touch!  She’s just on a roll!!!!!


2 Responses to “Nami Tamaki – REAL”

  1. Yama Take Says:

    Doesn’t quite have the endless hooks that Brightdown had for me, but it seems a step in the right direction. Her deep voice stands up to driving, power cord type rock quite well.

    I like the image. She’s not a classic cute type girl with her sleepy, somewhat vacant eyes & bold face, but she definitely found a great look to fit with her features. I dare say she looks pretty damn good.

  2. Blade Says:

    Best cover picture ever for two reasons 😀

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