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4minute – Name is 4minute May 7, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. What’s my name?
  2. Ireumi Mwoyeyo?
  3. Whatever
  4. Gimme That
  5. Domino

1. What’s my name?

Opening the mini-album is a short minute and 30 second intro and it reminds of when they opened up “Hit My Heart” with something quite in your face and powerful.  I do love the vocals here because all the members have that attitude (most coming from HyunA)…still the short feel led into the promo track!

2. Ireumi Mwoyeyo?

Moving into the first track, I was kind of shocked that 4minute somehow became f(x) for this song because it seriously could be sung by them.  It does kind of is the opposite to the intro which is cool, but honestly, this song is could of the black sheep song from 4minute because of the weird shit happening.  I do think that whooping synth is annoying and the whole auto-tuning the title of the song was BAD, but the descending synth line is kind of cool in the bridges.  I don’t this just was weird…and didn’t have that good of an arrangement…

3. Whatever

Moving on, Whatever comes next in and it’s also another f(x)-like song with much of that kind of urban/K-pop feel which is a bit strange to listen to.  I do hear a lot of HyunA in this song so this is quite strange to listen to.  Then after the first chorus, the song stops and there’s like a cheerleading-like section with her as well.  It’s a bit strange of a song, but it’s not bad.

4. Gimme That

Remember saying something about urban?  Gimme That sounds a bit like the current hip-hop style that’s going on here which might interest some people, but this is a bit late to the party and I feel like they’re trying to recapture the fire from “HUH”, but this kind of falls flat.  It just felt a bit congested of a song and really nothing stood out.

5. Domino

The final track to worry about, Domino is probably the closest thing to actually sounding like something 4minute which is pretty sassy and sexy to listen to!  It just really has the flair and gusto that really brought me in the fandom.  To say that it’s the only song that really sounds like 4minute is strange…but this is really the only track I would listen to regularly.

This was definitely what I’d call an identity crisis here!  I mean 4minute has done songs that really are aggressive and sexy but nothing that makes them look like f(x) clones.  Name is 4minute, is just an awkward mini-album for me because it didn’t feel like a 4minute piece of work (cept for Domino).  I just didn’t like this…at least Volume Up was more of their style, this was a bit too try hard for me.


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