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KARA – Bye Bye Happy Days! May 7, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Bye Bye Happy Days!
  2. My Boy
  3. Bye Bye Happy Days! (Instrumental)
  4. My Boy (Instrumental)
  5. Beautiful Night (CD only First Press)

1. Bye Bye Happy Days!

I guess they must’ve heard I really liked “GO GO Summer!” so much that they had to replicate it once again for their A-side here.  That being said, the song is totally sparkly cute J-pop, but there’s something about the song that also kind of reminds me of Weather Girls for some reason!  The song isn’t totally bad, but there’s just something missing here this time around.  It just didn’t have that hook!

2. My Boy

So the main B-side is actually a Japanese version of “Date (My Boy)” which was originally from their Korean album, “STEP”.  Back on the album, it was my least favorite of them…so seeing it return and being sung in Japanese made me worried.  Honestly, compared to “Bye Bye Happy Days!”, this is actually kind of better LOL.  It still is a song that I’m not too fond of and doesn’t really stick to me, but at least I can say this is better than the A-side (not by much though).

3. Beautiful Night

So on first presses of the CD only, we get an extra track sung in Korean and Beautiful Night is actually quite catchy to listen to.  It’s got a solid beat and the guitar licks in the back gave the song a really cool KARA sound!  Plus, I was surprised at the amount of English in the song (simply because this song is tied to their anime series).  Actually I think the song is a bit of that and Korean…either way this song definitely trumps the other two!

After “Girls Forever”, they took a short break before returning with Bye Bye Happy Days! and this single was a bit disappointing.  The leading track felt so overly placid and gross idol stuff and it just didn’t sound like KARA.  Then making matters worse, they brought back My Boy which even though was slightly better than the A-side…it still was kind of meh…and then Beautiful Night came along and it’s the best thing on the disc (unfortunately, it’s a first press bonus >.>).  Meh at this single!


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