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KOKIA – Kioku no Hikari May 7, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Kioku no Hikari
  2. Where to go my love? (single ver.)
  3. Kioku no Hikari (instrumental ver.)

1. Kioku no Hikari

After the last GUNDAM theme, “Memorial days” failed to really impress me, Kioku no Hikari comes into play and I already feel like she put more effort into this single than in the single before.  Her angelic and beautiful voice really spoke colors in the song and she just gave this EPIC kind of glow!  This definitely fits the series to a T and definitely was what I expected the first time around!  Mysterious, yet profound…great song!

2. Where to go my love? (single ver.)

So the B-side is a new version of the title track of her most recent album (though the album was pretty much a bore like “moment” was).  I will say that the album version was the song I most remember from the album so seeing it get a single version was exciting.  After “Kioku no Hikari”, this song is really a bit of a struggle to care about because of the slow tempo and drawl it has because it’s really KOKIA holding the song up with her voice.  Not bad of a version but I like the original more!

Even though KOKIA is going through some tragedy in her life, she did put out this single which really did fix the things that I didn’t like about “Battle of destiny” and that was there was no silly song as a B-side and instead gave us a solid revisioned version of Where to go my love?  Kioku no Hikari though is the GUNDAM theme I was waiting for and I was definitely happy about it!  Good single overall!


2 Responses to “KOKIA – Kioku no Hikari”

  1. Mack Says:

    This is one of my recent favorite songs from KOKIA. I totally love Kioku no Hikari because it has all the epic factors and I really love her vocals in this song. In case of the version of where to go my love? I prefer the original, because some parts in this one I thought were not that good as the original. But even so I really liked the single as a whole 🙂

  2. Cybuster_God_of_Wind Says:

    Great song “Kioku no Hikari”! Didn’t really care care for the other one, but I’ve never heard the original, so who knows…

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