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panache! – Sky Believe May 7, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Sky Believe
  2. Unison
  3. Sky Believe (Instrumental)
  4. Unison (Instrumental)

1. Sky Believe

For being in more of edgy costumes, I kind of thought the group was going to releasing something more epic than Sky Believe, but this kind of ethereal technopop song also works and kind of makes sense with the title of the track.  They did tone down the amount of auto-tune that’s present, but it’s still there…still compared to “Kirameki Miraizu”, this is actually a decent A-side!

2. Unison

The B-side of the single, Unison is kind a strange combination of their synths and idol tone with an R&B track and it was a bit of a stretch to combine.  The vocal filters are a bit more apparent, but they seem to make the trio actually have different tones against each other which is a nice touch.  When they sing in unison (OHHHHH)…they sound really good which is a bit unheard of in idol groups (but I’m sure it’s help from the computers).  Still this isn’t a bad song, but something you gotta get used to.

Whoever produced this single had a clear view of panache! and their sound and I really was surprised by it all!  Sky Believe was a much better single than “Kirameki Miraizu” on all counts for being more clean and the vocals treated MUCH better.  I can’t wait to review “Reincarnation” and see what their album holds!


One Response to “panache! – Sky Believe”

  1. Ismaire Says:

    I really liked this single & Reincarnation.

    Too bad the group disbanded after the album though…

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