Kurayami Monogatari

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Track Listing

  2. Strobe
  3. ONE STEP -TV edit-
  4. Strobe -TV edit-


Even though this isn’t their first song as a group, it is their first A-side so I was kind of interested.  ONE STEP really sounds something different even though they’re from the same label as Kyary and Yun*chi.  ONE STEP is definitely a technopop song and it has the usual things going on like a bunch of synths and auto-tune vocals from….someone who I assume is P→★ (who is the only male and lead of the group).  The other 4 members don’t seem to do anything in the singing area.  I really do love the Japanese breakdown and this song is incredibly catchy and is better handled than “CIDER CIDER”.

2. Strobe

Released two months prior as a digital single, Strobe was chosen as the B-side of the single and funny enough it sounds like a clone of “ONE STEP” (or the other way around).  I mean the synths sound similar and some of the melodies are just as.  At least the vocal melody is different but the members singing sound a bit more high-pitched on the auto-tune/vocoder.  The problem here is that it doesn’t have a strong hook like “ONE STEP” does so I feel this was definitely a much weaker track!

Being ex-dancers to Kyarypamyupamyu, I was surprised they formed a music unit on their own and especially making the youngest member (a guy) their leader was even stranger.  Luckily, they are under ASOBISYSTEM so it shows they’ll get a good push and become popular maybe.  ONE STEP was a great debut and showed off their dance style (fierce as hell!).  Strobe wasn’t as good, but it’s a good B-side for them!  Hope to see more from them in the future!


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