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Kyarypamyupamyu – Invader Invader May 13, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Invader Invader
  2. Point of view
  3. Fashion Monster -extended mix-

1. Invader Invader

At first, I really did think this was going to be the B-side for “Ninjari Ban Ban given that this song came out before that single released, but nope!  Invader Invader, is honestly the first time I personally think Kyary did something a bit more electro in her work and less technopop (but it still has its moments).  This song though is my favorite in the era because it’s just so ridiculously catchy and Kyary sounds like she’s having fun here.  Though Nakata…you fell into the dubstep love just a bit late and while the drop into it is a bit odd…it kind of works because it’s not too distracting in the song.  Yeah this is a pretty damn good song!

2. Point of view

I totally forgot there was a B-side XD.  Point of view brings the cute idolly technopop back and there’s toy piano (which I am starting to loathe, despite being in a lot of her songs of recent).  The song though takes repetition to a rather annoying level…but some of this song is quite adorable, but the chorus is annoying.  Even the woodwind solo (whatever that instrument was, was refreshing).  It’s ok…not as good as “Unite Unite” was, but what can you do?

3. Fashion Monster -extended mix-

Nakata needs to learn what extended means because 10 added seconds is not enough to be called that!  I still love Fashion Monster so this mix is kind of just reaffirming my love for the song.  There are a lot of new sounds in the song which is cool, but the only thing I hated was the slight dubstep thrown in because it just didn’t work in the area it was used honestly.  I liked the other extra beats thrown in so this wasn’t a bad mix, but this is definitely not much of an extension >.>

Kyary must be close to an album because this is her 4th single.  I will say this era has a lot of awesome A-sides so Invader Invader fits right in because it’s fast and edgy and catchy as all hell!  Point of view musically is charming, but the chorus just grates on me for some reason and the Fashion Monster extension is good, but definitely should’ve added a couple more minutes to it.  Wonder what she’ll bring next!


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