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Pokemon X & Y, Catching Up! May 13, 2013

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Ever since the initial news of PKMN, X&Y there has been slow news coming but the first big news came in the form of Corocoro of May ^_^ so let’s talk about everything

  • The land of where X&Y is called “Kalos” and is based off of France!
  • Customization is possible now, there wasn’t much about what we can customize fully…but it seems like hairstyle and and face…and accessories is on it xD
  • Running in diagonal now and sitting on benches!!!
  • You can ride your Pokémon (though the extent of it, is still in question since we really only see Gogoat being used).

Since that’s all we really got, lets dive in the new Pokémon!



So the first one to be shown after the legendaries English name is a new Eeveelution (because we haven’t had enough of those already >.<).  Sylveon is quite cute, but the strange thing is that there’s no official type yet for this new PKMN which is led to believe by many that we might get a new type for this generation (which would be interesting since we haven’t had any since Dark & Steel were introduced back in Gen 2).  If it’s the “Fairy” type…awesome!  If it’s something like Flying or something…then well…ehhh…

“Awakened Mewtwo”


After that there were rumors that there was going to be a Mewthree…but it turns out by information that it’s just a new form for Mewtwo (or as I and friends aptly call it, Majin Mew because of the similarities to Majin Buu from DBZ.  To me, this feels a little strange considering it’s Mewtwo and all and there really hasn’t been anything important tied to him since his inclusion in Smash Melee lol.  This new form does look interesting, but was it really necessary?



Then came Corocoro’s release this week and we get 4 new Pokémon to talk about!  The first one is Pancham who is a pure Fighting type (which leads me to believe this will be like a Machop / Timburr line of PANDAAAAAA!  JFC Gamefreak, it took you long enough to get a Panda Pokémon in the game (and Spinda doesn’t count).  We do learn that it learns a new move called Parting Shot, which is like a better version of U-Turn since it lowers stats before force switching to another Pokémon.



Our next new Pokémon is Fletchling which is a Normal/Flying type and presumably the Early Bird selection like Pidgey and Taillow and etc. were to every generation.  So far this doesn’t seem to impress me too much since we all know it’s going to evolve into something better, but it does learn Flame Charge….(could it’s type switch to Fire/Flying perhaps?).



The next one is the strange looking Pokémon of the four and it’s Helioptile.  I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to be based off of because it seems like it can go anywhere (plus it doesn’t help that it shares the same color scheme with Mawile, which could make sense…but I highly doubt it because this guy has the unique dual type of Electric/Normal).  We’ll see where this turns out and see his evolutions (hopefully).  It also learns the new move Parabolic Charge which is like the Electric version of Giga / Mega Drain.  Cool…



The last of the 4 new ones, Gogoat to me looks like it’s evolved from something and that’s pretty cool because I like the guys design atm.  Being a pure Grass type also seems to suit him.  He also learns Horn Leech (which if I remember correctly was only unique to Sawsbuck in Gen 5).  Though Black 2 / White 2 could’ve gave it out to more xD. Gogoat is pretty cool and would love to see how he works in game ^_^

Welp, I’ll do another post when we get another batch or I’ll reedit the post with the English names of the PKMN…since that could happen soon!


One Response to “Pokemon X & Y, Catching Up!”

  1. Matt91_ Says:

    Here’s hoping for Fairy type – Fighting needs an urgent nerf. I liked the new Pokémon, but I still find Helioptie bizarre. Well, won’t judge until I have the game in my hands!

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