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Perfume – Magic of Love May 26, 2013

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Track Listing

  1. Magic of Love
  2. Handy Man
  3. Magic of Love -Original Instrumental-
  4. Handy Man -Original Instrumental-

1. Magic of Love

Washing out that weird taste that was “Mirai no Museum”, Perfume came back pretty quickly with Magic of Love which feels kind of like a mix of both “Natural ni Koishite” and “Fushizen na Girl” which is a bit strange to say right?  This is the Perfume I’m more used to and enjoy so suffice to say, I actually really enjoyed the song even if it’s kind of resorting to some older ideas here and there.

2. Handy Man

Nakata since “WORLD OF FANTASY” has been recently trying some new areas of sound, mostly a tribal feel and Handy Man is another one of those songs for me where it’s just totally different from the normal.  I kind of like the more unique feel of the song and it doesn’t really bore me like the past couple B-sides have been.  I kind of liked this track and makes for a great addition to their discography!

As their 4th single in the era, Magic of Love when compared to the other singles could be considered the “safe” single because Magic of Love is pretty much the sound of Perfume with nothing new brought to the table (which after “Mirai no Museum” is a good thing).  Handy Man though is catchy and it’s just full of new sounds and quirks that I haven’t heard Perfume use yet so this is a pretty good song for that reason.  Good single, still doesn’t beat “Spending all my time” but it’s up there.


2 Responses to “Perfume – Magic of Love”

  1. Yama Take Says:

    this gives me a fix for straight up perfume

    like it

  2. nandemo Says:

    I prefer handy man more MoL. Tbh i find MoL to be quiet boring :-/
    Btw, you are not going to review Ieri Leo single??

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